Internship at Pop Art Factory – Riya from Bhavans College

Internship in MumbaiRiya interned at Pop Art Factory and shares with us the interesting experience of her internship days. She believes that it is necessary to step out of your comfort zone so as to add something new in your knowledge bucket.  Read her story in her own words.

Bon Voyage!
The journey began with an interview. By the time I was beginning with this internship, I had already interned with a plethora of companies- OLX, Micromax, Lime road,, Digital Alibi to name a few. These internships instilled a certain confidence in me which led me to believe that I would certainly crack the interview (Note: confidence, not haughtiness) and I did. I was rejected by 4 different start-ups in the beginning because of ‘Lack of experience’. But aren’t they the ones who’re supposed to help the new interns out by GIVING them the required experience? Funnily enough, post interning at many companies and gaining ‘experience’, I was approached by the same startups for internships! So, if you don’t get selected for the very first internship you apply to, don’t sweat it! It’s a vast sea out there and you’ll certainly find your calling! Now, back to the story. I pursued this internship solely because I loved the brand, its idea and it’s connecting to the youth (Their funky office was an added bonus). They make wall art with awesome quotes. Right from the minions to Batman, they have it all! Such quirky products do need to be in the limelight!

On the very first day, I drafted and executed the social media posts for the day on the company’s page, which got an overwhelming response by fans and colleagues! Day after day the fan following kept growing and from a mere 2000 likes, the page has 9000+ likes. It’s all about keeping the viewers engaged, isn’t it? Alongside I handled the marketing aspects of the firm and got some major tie ups which were appreciated by everyone at the office. When dealing with such creative products, you have to be creative. So, I thought of an offbeat tie up- a tattoo parlor. We spruced up their studio with our art and people loved it to such an extent that the products started selling like hot-cakes!

All in all, it was an awesome journey with inspiring and creative people. Internships often teach you something that schools and colleges don’t – Dealing with the real world. That is exactly what this internship did for me!

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