Internship at Readers’ Club Delhi – Mansi from Dyal Singh College, DU

Internship at Reader's Club DelhiCan one mistake haunt that much? Mansi is an undergrad who along with her studies, reaches out to explore more. She learn from her mistakes and stay cautious each time she is about to start something new.

Well as soon as I entered my twelfth standard I was told by every single person in my family as they were giving me my weekly session of career counselling-“Do what inspires you” and as I was and I think I still am the most baffled person in the world. I did not get it until I reached second year of my college. It all started when people started talking about the very ‘next-big-step’ in their life and a friend of mine casually mentioned me about the vacancies in an e-magazine and how she has already sent her resume. So I also mailed them my resume (as per an unspoken best friend rule) and got a call from them as they wanted me to send them a sample article which I mailed them after a day or two (as I did not want to look desperate). After few days, I was called for an interview and everything in the world appeared less spooky than this and I thought to watch ‘The Internship’ movie. But to my surprise my interview was quite good, my boss was cool and they just briefed me about my work. Then I was assigned my very first topic but as anxious as I was, I thought it to be a part of the whole selection process and wrote an article on quite similar topic that they had sent me which I did not see (by the way it was a huge co-incident that made me look dumb). The whole misunderstanding only got cleared as I got a call for my blunder and left me all embarrassed. But then everything went well as this internship has provided me a certain kind of joy, joy of writing and reading new stuff. It made me realize what my dream is and how I can achieve it. Thus, it is a turning point of my life as it helped me in understanding what I wanted in my life and inspired me to follow my dreams. Though I am still a little conscious in front of my boss as that blunder always come to my mind when I see them. So my internship gave me new spectacles to look around and became a learning experience from the very second I applied for it.

P.S. – An advice for all the people applying first time for an internship or job, read whatever is conveyed to you in forms twice.

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