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Internship at Saha InstituteUncertainty is the best part about life. At one moment she thought to spend her holidays at home but at the other moment she finds herself doing research on nano particles. Life has its own way to treat us, we just need to develop the taste.

An undefined and limitless opportunity came in my hand when I needed it most. It was like a dream come true, as “people pursuing instrumentation engineering has limited scopes” was my practical view. When my all class mates were searching for summer internships in prestigious PSU’s and multinationals I thought I would better sit alone in home doing nothing but chit chat with my small group of friends. But suddenly everything changed when my physics professor gave all four of us a golden opportunity to work under her professor in Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics , Plasma department for 2 months. There under Senior Professor we all four got different projects in hand to work on with a little twist.

On The first day, Sir called me for a short interview. In the following, I have written the whole conversation in question answer format.

Sir: “What is your stream?”

Me: “Electronics and Instrumentation, sir”.

Sir: “I see, do you love to play with circuits?”

Me: (with a chuck) “Err. No sir. I mean I like it but not so efficient in doing so. I like the mathematical part more.”

Sir: ” Hmm, which part of mathematics do you like, what do you think about patterns? Do you see them? Can we see them? Where?

Me: “ahh. Yes. Number theory sir and yes, I like patterns. Fern trees follow a complex arrangement, Sea shores have a continuous fractles, Snowflakes structure. We see patterns there.

Sir: “Would you like to do work with patterns”

Me: (smiling) “I would love to.”

Sir: “Then get up! And come with me, I will take you to a different department. Actually with them plasma department is trying to produce a paper about non linearity in pattern formation.”

After that I was taken to the Applied Material Science department where I got guidance from a PhD student who is currently working in the topic known as “Pattern formation in Dodecanethiol capped gold nano particles and explanation of its nonlinear behaviour”.

After all the explanation, I got two hard copy research paper for next 7 days, 13 soft copied books and I had to study all of them. I got acquainted with a platform known as MATLAB for the first time and literally speaking I was afraid to see the big TOKAMAK machine where plasma generates in the toroidal shape. All the faculties and PhD students were working and I felt I was the odd one out. With no experience at all, we four were looking at each other every 10 minutes after when we were getting stuck. But all those fear got diminished for a while when Sir came and said “You must be hungry, so have your lunch, There’s a small canteen in our campus and the food is somewhat delicious”. Awkwardly we slowly went to the canteen and found ourselves in a cheerful world! Everyone was laughing and having their own lunch delightfully. We took our food and it was really yummy! It made me remember my mom’s home made food.

Days passed and I started unwinding myself, interacted with other faculties and PhD students. And astonishingly all were exceptionally friendly. Finally one fine morning something clicked in my head and I found my required result of the first job given to me. I ran into professor’s room to discuss with him and he appreciated for the first time and I felt an uncanny warmth of success and satisfaction. Later on I pursued it gaining a skill enough to move forward. In the mean time I got to know my friends work also, where one of them was working with duffing oscillator and jerk equation. And other two were working with digital signal processing on plasma signals generated in SINP, TOKAMAK.

In this way I learned some new techniques and got the chance to explore a whole new genre where even instrumentation and electronics can be applied. Though my internship ended, but I came across a good result i.e. there is no phase for us to bear emotional jeopardy as even after this internship, Sir has planned something big for us. As all four of us are in the same city, Sir would like to further continue and help us to research more and finally would like to produce a small research paper if everything goes well as of now. Till now my experience was awesome and I am looking forward for a beautiful journey which is worth cherishing

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    Interesting read! Write more! :)

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    Nice article demi!!!
    And awesome internship story.


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