Internship at SAIL – Animesh from KIIT Bhubaneswar

Internship at SAIL

Have you ever tried begging on a road or traveling in a truck? Well, this guy (right-most) has tried everything. He entered the office alone but walked away with a bunch of friends sharing delightful memories.

Hello folks. It has been just a month I started my 3rd-year in Civil Engineering so I don’t have my internship experience. This summer I did a vocational training and I would like to share it with everyone. I don’t expect to win this competition but I want my experience to be highlighted, to be read by thousands around. On the first day of my training, every student was allotted his or her zone inside the enormous steel plant of Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. I was the only guy who was training in civil work. Like seriously? How is it possible that not a single mate was with me from the hundreds of them who applied? Anyways, my training was going on smoothly. I used to visit the site on time, watch the stuff around, and ask the doubts to my Instructor if I had any. After a week I was waiting for my Instructor of the zone of that particular day in his office. To my surprise, I found Arshad, my classmate there waiting for someone. I went to him and hugged him hard and took a breath of relief. I was like; finally, there is someone who can be my mate for the remaining 3 weeks. There were 4 more students from our college but all of them were my seniors. That particular day we went to zone-3 in a jeep and it took me around 2-3 days to be their friend. I’m shy kind of guy and don’t approach first. As our locations were located far from the main office we all used to walk down the roads wearing the safety helmets, singing songs, dancing, making fun of each other. In fact, we used to stand in between the road and beg like a joker for someone to carry us there to the stop. Yes! Beg like a joker because we used to beg for lift and literally looked joker while doing so. Each day we used to walk down and one day a truck wale bhaiya stopped by. It took us 5 minutes to climb up the truck as there were 2 girls with us. That day I made a conclusion that girls not only take time to dress, they take time for everything. The truck part was fun and we clicked selfies as it was everybody’s first experience over a truck. The next day we got a truck trailer and that feeling of your hair passing through your ears is just amazing. Everyone should try it someday. We all went for a movie; Tanu weds Manu returns and the other night for a dinner together. We did hell lots of fun. I never expected these would a part of my training period. I was at the zenith of my life.

Next day two of them left for home as their training was over. It was like 2 members leaving a family. Those 2 weeks made us a family, a family which laughed and cried together, a family who shared everything, a family where there was no barrier between the seniors and the juniors. Yes, it was a lovely family. After they left, 2 days were in vain. But suddenly a girl arrives and my reaction- WOAH! it was Ayesh, my schoolmate. We used to fight a lot these days. We loved fighting with each other. She was hell boring and irritating too. But we all continued our training and Ayesh and I used to fight there as well. Making fun of each other’s college (everyone does this). But everywhere we went I was used to be beside her, not because I liked or loved her but because she always carried a water bottle. HAHA. Our training period came to an end and everyone left for their hometown. This period taught me how strangers can become your close friends in no time. I would conclude by saying that we shouldn’t make anyone our enemy. The earth is round; we’ll meet everyone one day or the other at some corner. Though we won’t talk then but sharing a smile would be enough for the moment. I love you all. Have a bright future ahead.

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