Internship at SBI Capitals – Abhijeet from IIT Roorkee

While everyone else was enjoying college life, he was interning at an investment bank. Very courageous of him. He moulded himself as per the requirements and found himself sitting between brilliant minds. His dedication and sincere efforts kept him going. And ofcource, the coffee and the beach view.

It had been a great and enriching experience working at industry leader in investment banking. It actually gave me sense of working methodology and practical knowledge to implement what I had learned so far in the course. Work ethics and intensity with which employees work here had a great impact on my professional being. Being part of team discussions and conference call with clients helped develop business acumen and technical competency. Working under deadlines and coming out with spontaneous solutions were part of daily activity. 

Internship started in second week of May. I was the last one amongst the interns to join and felt nervous about being a good mix. But as days passed the entire group became integral part of internship. I was allotted project on the very first day and after a brief induction directed towards my desk at the centre of infrastructure and telecom team surrounded by CA’s, MBA’s and investment bankers. At first it all felt intimidating but after showing inclination and curiosity towards the field everyone assisted in providing friendly and habitable environment.

The internship program lasted for 2 months that consisted of rigorous research and application of financial fundamentals (lot of jargons) that provided me with an opportunity to decipher my abilities that may be applied to come up with solutions and further identified ones I need to improve upon. I was working on a business model and financial viability of specific project initiated by RBI to further financial inclusion that included financial modeling and cost-revenue analysis of the same. Apart from providing the technical exposure, it flexed my research and writing skills that would go a long way in my professional career. Excel sheets and powerpoint presentations were all over and nothing but the best was expected that made me deal with pressure and deadlines with a strode. I was not restricted to the project assigned to me and could ask for being part of internal meetings and discussions (though I had to take notes which I didn’t knew before).

After a month spent there, monsoon season started and Mumbai is the place to be at that time. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay with spectacular views and legion of places to visit. Weekends were well spent over with other interns sharing college memories and relishing street food. By God’s grace the quarter ended very well for SBI Caps and a grand party was organized to celebrate the occasion. I think interns were the most excited among all and had a great fun evening.

Internship acted as bridge between academic learning and practical implementation. This professional apprenticeship program not only added technical experience to my candidature but gave me exposure to one of the most sought after field in finance from varied angles. Networking was an added advantage that came as frill with the internship. I used to dream working at an investment bank and that was what I got. All the efforts and hard work was worthwhile and paid in terms of rich experience. It sometimes became difficult to keep up with the pace but marine drive view from 19th floor and black coffee kept me going. It’s time to head back to college but the lessons learnt and amazing company of some of the brightest minds in the field will hold a place in my memory forever.

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