This phenomenon called Internshala

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It’s like college life never ended.

Let me start by saying I spend 4 hours in commutation every day but still there hasn’t been a single Monday that I didn’t look forward to.

Initial Days:

There is only one thing that is more uncomfortable than your relatives asking you what are you planning to do next and that is wearing formal. I wore formal on the first day and felt out of place like a monkey in a metro. Oh! There aren’t any monkeys in metros! Exactly.

Manager: “No sir after the name”
I: “Okay sir”
Manager: “It’s Shekhar”
I: “Sorry sir”

The Ice Breaking Session:

You have to introduce yourself in front of 40 eyeballs staring at you. Nope, that’s not the awkward part. What’s next is. Something happens, after which something big happens. I would have given the details but then it wouldn’t be fair for the future interns. Let’s just say this session had more twists and turns than an Abbas Mastan movie.

Bean bags, no cubicles, a wall full of photos, space to breathe both figuratively and literally defines our office. After a month you get a fair idea of things happening around you. One thing that I observed is that brainstorming is like breathing at Internshala. Long day of work is generally compensated by the counter strike and indoor football sessions whose plans are made faster than Maggie.


Work is worshiped in here but the best part is that it is not constrained by the swipe in and swipe out timings. Ideas are born, discussed, and implemented every day. No hierarchy, no shyness, no politics just 20 odd individuals working hard to make the life of students better. On my second day, I had to reply to more than 100 emails for which I was briefed for half an hour. My mother doesn’t trust me that much: D

At Internshala there is no such thing as “You can’t because you are just an intern”. Targets are set in the multiples of last year’s results and efforts are put proportional to that. Hardly anyone is hesitant of putting in extra hours when it’s needed. Our work motivates us every day and zeal to make things happen. Sometimes I had to work as graphic designer, sometimes as editor in chief, sometimes as one who handles social media apart from marketing for which I was hired. That’s exposure, defined in one line.

It’s been two months and I know it’s as clichéd as it can be but I will say it anyway – it seems like I joined yesterday. Recently read an article about whether you should live for the resume or for the eulogy. I am glad interning here as I am doing both! I had to write this article on the first day but I am glad I didn’t because then I would have not done justice to this place.

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