Summer Internship at ConfirmTKT – Anmol from IET Ahmedabad University

AnmolAnmol shares her work from home internship experience at ConfirmTKT, telling how work from home internships enable us to explore our hobbies and interests. Anmol is a Final Year student at IET Ahmedabad and is just passionate about building something meaningful with her writing.

It all began when I first chanced upon the word “ConfirmTKT” on! I am currently an engineering student who loves to pen down new ideas and emotions whenever time allows me to do so. I always wanted to make something more meaningful out of content/creative writing than just a mere hobby. It was then that I came across and decided to register myself. I applied for ConfirmTKT because traveling was something I could connect with personally and I was sure it would bring out the best in me. Soon after I applied I got a call from Pranav Sir from ConfirmTKT who took my telephonic interview.

Soon after that, to my utter joy and surprise, I got an acceptance mail from ConfirmTKT. We were two interns working as creative/content writers for ConfirmTKT. My colleague Dipin Jindal was also able to make it because of this amazing initiative called “Internshala”. Pranav Sir was always there to solve any of our queries and also he had a clear vision about what the company actually wanted. This really helped us hit the bull’s eye and we were able to come up with some interesting, novel and fresh articles. The topics also challenged our creativity. We were given the correct amount of freedom and space to work on our ideas as well as other ideas that Pranav Sir had lined up for us. Though I am an engineering student struggling with a tight schedule, writing for ConfirmTKT is always something I look forward to. ConfirmTKT gives me that little window from which I can escape while sitting on this magic carpet of my thoughts to a world full of colors, ideas and novelty!

We wrote on topics that were factual as well and this added to our knowledge greatly. Also one point I would really want to highlight and appreciate is that ConfirmTKT was always open to our ideas and suggestions. We were treated as people who had a say in what was going on, instead of just extra pair of hands. This really helped us learn about so many other factors and stages that a startup sees. We were also invited to ConfirmTKT’s Anniversary party. We almost felt like we are being gifted a family called “ConfirmTKT”! I also learnt to coordinate and work in a team. I learnt to give my heart to the articles I write. I also made some really great friends! I don’t think this could have been possible without Internshala, who opened the gateway to such wonderful experiences. Thank you Internshala and ConfirmTKT!

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