Summer Internship at Dose Internet Media – Sakschi from LSR, DU

Internship at Dose Internet MediaSakschi (second from right) who is a student of LSR College wanted to add some professional experience before she gets graduated. During her internship, she not only brushed her writing skills but also had a deep insight within the world of writing. 

As most of the undergraduate students, I too was adamant on getting an internship in the summer breaks. I was about to end with my second year and was exceedingly realizing the necessity to gain some professional experience. Aiming for professional experience here I must admit that I had none before. I wanted to hone my writing skills along with making some decent money.

With a good stroke of luck and research I landed up on the website of Internshala. Here I got selected for two internships, both being related to content and creative writing. To make things more interesting and my decision more difficult, the stipend being offered was pretty good too. Finally, I overcame my dilemma and decided on working for Dose Internet Media which offered me work from home. I got to spend the summer vacation comfortably within the walls of my house. There was absolutely no hassle of the daily commuting. I managed to write about 40 articles of 1100 or so words each in the time of around one and a half month. And I am with much satisfaction still continuing with the work. 

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