Internship at AIESEC Malaysia – Ayesha from Lahore Grammar School

Internship in MalaysiaA noble step is taken by these youngsters so as to spread awareness and bring the true picture of reality in the limelight.  Ayesha (second from left in front row) not only learned and researched but also explored the new country with full zeal and enthusiasm. 

It all began when a bunch of university students arrived at our school and started recruiting students for this program called AIESEC. Being a curious student I applied and went through the whole grueling and standardized process of interviews, filling out long detailed forms and writing a professional resume with rhetorical language to impress the selection committee. To my surprise, I got the golden opportunity to do my internship in Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia, a quaint little town surrounded by lush forests. I officially became a part of the ‘Why Waste Food Project.’

I consider myself a huge introvert and  going abroad to live amongst new people sounded like an absolute nightmare. When I reached there I realized my fear was irrational because the people were so hospitable and welcoming. I could feel that I am no longer away from home. The project started with us living at Chang’s Fruit Supplier farm for about a week, where Uncle Chang showed us the devotion and hard work he put into crop growth. We took his interview in which he told us how farming was a painstaking process and required him to be meticulous and he had to put in the extra effort.

The next few weeks were spent giving workshops about food waste in 3 different schools. We came up with interesting and interactive ways to sensitize the children. We had a quiz where students had to use their wits to guess how much resources are put into producing a single product. The other activity was a recipe activity, where children were given unusual ingredients or ones they would throw out such as chicken bones. The children were so innovative, they came up with new dishes and vowed to make them at their homes as well
Lastly, we made a documentary, the most crucial element of our project. The documentary contains all the pictures and clips from the farm and workshops. It contains a special guest appearance by an environmental board control officer who demonstrated composting to the children.

Other than dull and routine work, we traveled around and shopped a lot. We even camped at a National Park and hiked many long distances to see waterfalls. It was an unforgettable experience and I hope to participate again.

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