Internship at Appamplify – Akshay from KIET

Startups are the best place to intern as the experience that we gain from them, stays with us for our entire life. Akshay shared great memories with all of his colleagues and is willing to join them in near time. 

I was frustrated after applying for so many internships and wasn’t getting any response, so I decided to go for a training. But after getting started with my training I got a call from one of my colleague that a company for which I had applied for was asking for my contact number. I was like like OMG how can I do this!! Last time, I was updating my CV I forgot to update my number.

Anyways, I got a contact and I get selected. But after my first day at work I decided to drop this internship as the work profile was not of my interest, but company’s technical officer insisted me to visit for one more time. They asked me about the technology I was interested in and offered me a work based on that. I could not resist anymore. I completed my internship of 5 weeks as an iOS developer. The environment of office was awesome and we all enjoyed each moment to the core. Since that company was just a startup so all people there were pretty cool with their work. They made me feel comfortable and treated me as one of their employees. I am willing to join them again in future as that experience taught me a lot.

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