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Internship at Askme.comIn the end, everything falls in its place, and if it doesn’t then that’s not the end. Greeshma (front row, second from left in black T) tried till the last moment to shape her work in the best way and it proved to be successful. She enjoyed her internship in Mumbai and made friends for life.

‘Greeshma! Where are you? The interview process is gonna begun any moment. Aarti said.

‘I’m coming!’ I said rushing inside the door of the glass like ‘state of the art’ building. It sent tingles of confidence and desire to work there. ‘Sorry I’m late, the traffic got hold of me.’ I said.

Aarti was my friend who had applied along with me for this internship. Oh and me! Myself Greeshma Polkam. BMS Department, Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. Who apparently took Finance as an elective with a liking towards marketing? There were five more candidates sitting beside me for the interview. ‘I need this!’ I shouted inside of me while a lady came to escort me to the panelist’s room. The interview went fine. It was a comfortable discussion without many interrogations. We waited till the final say came from the lady. After that, I only recollect myself hugging my friend who wasn’t selected. That moment reminded me of 3 idiots- ‘life is a race, if you run fast, you become a broken egg.’ Silly things I know. After I left, I kept caressing the offer letter and other things given by askme as a matter of employment. Owing it to God, I thanked him for this one big thing that he gave it to me. One thing led to the other and my Facebook family kept on congratulating me for this.

Day 1:

The initial nervous day where you expect everything to go exactly the way you planned. The marketing department welcomed four of us (interns) with a round of introduction and current happenings. The later part was the induction ceremony where our head Mr. Ranjan Yadav, briefed us on our daily work and how important it was to the organization. After the first half, we were asked to prepare a marketing plan. A strategy that will promote our flagship product in a way that’ll grab people’s minds.

Week 1:

The next 5 days we were working on the strategy. Individual inputs and approvals of publicity activities, getting plans and budgets finalized under the guidance of Mr. Ranjan. The digital/online marketing team and the public relations team acted as a liaison for us to get the knowing of what sells and what doesn’t in the current market situation. After the initial week, we were ready to put up our weekly report in front of the higher authorities. Our marketing plan for askme was one unique thing I was proud of. The blend of people interactive and cost effective methods. There were several Q&A sounds going on between Mr. Ranjan and the board. The expressions were stiff with a stroke of being amazed if I tell you.

The board needed some changes in the plan. Which made us work on it for another day and another sleepless night. We were dependent on instant noodles and the filter coffee for our survival that night. It is actually fun being at the office when nobody’s around. We finished by almost 11 in the office which resulted in our families coming by to pick us up.

Week 2:

The final plans get a green signal and we were about to start marching to get it executed. They management team being extremely helpful provided us with full-time employees guiding us to get things done. A very helpful and dedicated staff I’d say. Jotting down the steps to get the first step done. We all were subdivided into pairs of 3 which were focusing on 3 major areas:

1. Advertising
2. Offline promotion
3. Online promotion

Thankfully, I and Sunmeet were assigned offline marketing and promotions! It was basically my idea and I’ll take some credit of it. Apart from sticking my nose in the other two area. We as a pair did quite a good job. We planned meetings with our outreach partners in various colleges, metropolitan areas and public spots for public promoting.

Week 3:

The next few days were on getting permissions, appointments and fixing dates. The only best part of it was meeting senior management teams of big fours. One such experience was with reliance out of house OOH media. The way they are, it gives you a push to be at a higher productivity level. To be one of such cool people. So all the three departments were set by the deadlines and we were about to launch the marketing activities as per our plans. We were typically excited! I, being at the top if the world called each and every organizer, department of the project to cross check if we are ready for the bash next day. It sounded annoying to Mr. Ranjan Sir, but he knew our concern to get the best of it.

Week 4: POA

Or plan of action execution. That week started with a bang by checking on arrangements and waiting to get things going. The new advertisement was live on all digital media. The social media platforms had our new content ready to pull in the audience. After extensively publicized campaigns the final report was made. The video reviews and the content of our strategy seemed going well. We made sure that the promoting of online and offline on field marketing were going well as we came to the end of our 4 week internship period. I hoped we had another month to complete the promotion ourselves.

Our senior Mr. Ranjan Sharma Sir along with our farewell offered us a recommendation letter for our performances and encouraged us to think on the PPO made to few. Being MBA aspirants, our PPO seemed something to think on. But the experience, independence and opportunities to do a lot of things at a growing company are something that every intern must try once. My confidence, leadership and innovation got stronger than ever before. Askme was that opportunity which I waited for to give me a proper direction in my career. Few days later, we all met again to celebrate the tenure at Pizza Hut, Powai, as we got our stipend cheques and Certificates. The best internship experience to cherish!  Thank you

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