Internship at Arcelor Mittal – Tarun from The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur

Internship at Arcelor Mittal

Go the extra mile. Tarun is pursuing Electronics and Communications engineering and shares his wonderful experience of internship days.

The internship experience was awesome. It was first time I was out of India and that’s why it has a special place in my heart. I was very excited for the internship as I was the first person in my family to go abroad. I had no idea how those people will be and how they treat foreigners.

Initially I was a bit worried but when I reached there and met the Kazakhstani people, I was quite comfortable among them. There was no cash stipend provided but full accommodation and hospitality was provided by the company. The interns were staying in a 4-star hotel with 4 meals a day and other facilities. Owing to the existence of a language barrier, the interns were provided with the interpreters to overcome this issue. The people over there are very nice, friendly and helpful.

The duration of the internship was four weeks. In the first week, we were explained about the company and the steel plant present over there. In fact we were given a two day informative tour to the steel plant in the first week itself. In the beginning of the second week itself the main course of the internship started. People were divided into two sections – Automation and IT depending on their choices. I chose to work on IT project. The IT section was further divided into smaller groups with four people in each group.

The project which I took was based on the Windows Server Infrastructure : Active Directory Directory Services. The project gave me insight on how the thousands of users and computers are handled in big corporations such as Arcelor Mittal. It gave me hands on experience of the working of the Active Directory services, how to deploy and use them on a large scale.

The internship wasn’t only technology based but it included some cultural activities and programs in order to educate us about there culture and things in Kazakhstan. Even we were given a chance to prepare some cultural activities of our own and show them to the local people.

The internship was five day a week and on the weekends there were trips arranged for the interns to visit the nearby cities and places. Also the university present in the city arranged a lecture series for us on Metallurgy and how things in the plant work on such a large scale and what are the technologies that are used in making steel of that premium quality. In the last week we were to give presentations in front of the company delegates about our project, what we did, how we did, and what we gained from the project. Overall I would say that it was the best technical and social experience of my life till date and I would love to go on such experiences over and over in my life.

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