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Internship at Digit

If you are waiting for the right time, it’s now. Abhijit shares his wonderful experience of internship days.

A learned person once said that if you’re the smartest person in a room, then you should change the room. So, if you’re the dumbest person in a room, then you should definitely stay in that room. This is exactly what I felt after a couple of days working among the people who churned out the oldest and the best tech magazine in the country.

I was nearing the end of my graduation in engineering and with no interest to continue in this field, I had hardly applied for jobs. I’ve always loved reading and learning about all the upcoming research going on in science and technology from a young age. While I was studying, I used to write tech news stories for a blog and in a few months, I was clear about taking it up as a career after completing my graduation.

I was keen on only applying to places where I actually wanted to work without holding any fear of not getting a job at all. I was too young to not take any risk at all. So there I was browsing through vacancies for writers on tech publications on all kinds of portals. I have been a fan of Digit (who isn’t?) from my college days and although there were new ones coming up, the articles published in Digit Magazine were always in-depth and meant serious business. Due to my assumption about Digit recruiting only experts of the field into their team, I hadn’t applied initially.

Surprisingly, I came across an internship offer from Digit on Internshala. I was quite excited when I applied for the internship and I hardly expected a reply or a call. But one fine day, I got the call. I was called for an interview at Mumbai, coincidentally my hometown. As a reader, I always imagined the Digit Test Centre to be a treasure trove of the best gadgets and as I entered the office, I was overwhelmed. Laptops, mobile phones, game DVDs, GPUs, motherboards and other such gadgets were kept across the entire office space. In my interview, after a series of questions, I was asked to review the phone in my pocket. Later, I was asked about the dates from when I could join and I blurted out tomorrow. While I was leaving the office, it suddenly dawned on me that I was accepted and was overjoyed to express it out.

Working at Digit considerably incorporated changes in the way I thought and made decisions. Critical thinking and logical reasoning were some of the traits I improved during my internship. The learning graph was so drastic that most of my time spent in graduation seemed like a waste of time. These changes were possible through a combined effort of the team which meticulously worked on writing stories and reviewing products, and my desire to improve on my shortcomings. The work culture here is more like a start-up and it ensures that the best habits of perception were ingrained into your mind.

My responsibilities for my internship were to curate the content that goes into the DVDs with every issue. This meant I had to browse through the Internet and come up with software, tools, games and anything interesting that could be distributed in the DVD. I also contributed in the editorial work with tips and tricks, software guides, and feature stories. Breaks involved playing multiplayer games against each other, and although I sucked in FPS games, it was refreshing. Deadlines meant that I had to complete the research and curation in time, and realised how delay could result in a chain reaction of other delays to the entire printing process.

Everyone enjoyed what they did at Digit, and were really passionate about presenting the next big thing we could cover in our stories. This was exactly what I was looking for and as I got absorbed into the culture here, it felt like I belong here. As the first month came to an end, I suddenly realised that in just a span of thirty days, my knowledge and view on things improved immensely. I was actually surprised when I was paid the stipend since I had taken too much rather than giving back. I was fascinated that you can earn while doing what you love to do. I was so excited about staying and working here that I hardly spent enough time at home. Whenever I left home, I used to be elated about arriving at office and whenever I left the office I was elated to come back to office the next day.

After finishing my internship, I was offered a permanent job at Digit which I obviously accepted. And since then it has been a roller-coaster ride. With more responsibilities on my shoulder now, things got more interesting and fun here. I’m still really fascinated with the work as I’m introduced to something new every month. The level of excitement has hardly diminished and has in fact gone up. I still don’t spend much time at home and even on weekends I look forward to reading something or the other that would enhance my knowledge and contribution at work.

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