Internship at Hindustan Aeronauticals Limited – Rushil from St Josephs College of Engineering and Technology

Internship at Hindustan Aeronauticals Limited

Once you begin to change, so will the world around you. Rushil is pursuing Mechanical engineering and shares his wonderful experience of internship days.

My internship was more of an industrial training and hence no stipend was provided. So, anyone who is actually willing to gain knowledge from the experts, HAL is the best aeronautical field.

HAL has many different sections like fixed blade division, foundry section, helicopter or rotary blade division. I was lucky enough to find a place in the helicopter division through personal contacts and the best part is that they are more than willing to provide an internship program. HAL being an military/government organization is very particular about the code and conduct which gives a professional touch to the program. The timing was from 0730hrs to 1530hrs with a one hour lunch break. The schedule of the program is pre-planned and well defined which allows us to cover all the departments and they give more days to the important departments. From the making of nuts, the gears for the gearbox, testing of each part to the building of the body structure to the final assembly into a fly able helicopter is done in the helicopter division of HAL.

They mainly produce 5 variants of helicopter mostly for defense purpose and a few commercial choppers. The taught us from basic lift of the aircraft to the different modes of flying to the communication system along with a great deal of general knowledge.

I was there for a month’s time and learnt a lot. They also showed us the prototype models of two new choppers and enlightened us about their maintenance procedures. They have a different unit all together for their employee satisfaction. All in all it was a wonderful experience, learnt a lot of new things and all ended on a happy note. A plus to all this is that the company is in Bangalore so even during the leisure time there are a 101 other things to do. Bangalore offered the perfect mix of work and party which is all a college student can ask for, in short, what I would call a perfect internship programme.

A note to all who are interested in HAL is self service, the trainee responds in accordance to the enthusiasm and response shown by the intern.

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3 thoughts on “Internship at Hindustan Aeronauticals Limited – Rushil from St Josephs College of Engineering and Technology

  • October 2, 2015 at 8:39 PM

    Well done Rishil. You had a good time at HAL.

  • May 28, 2019 at 10:12 AM

    What qualities should we have to take an internship in helicopter division??

    • May 28, 2019 at 1:28 PM

      Hi Sowmya,

      Thank you for writing in.

      Please visit their careers page for more information about the eligibility criteria.

      Thanks :)


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