Internship at HP Education Services – Jatin from Sobhasaria Engineering College

Internship at HPSome crazy friends, new city to explore, favourite work and truckload of mischiefs combines Jatin’s internship experience. He along with his friends left no loophole left to enjoy in any situation. Sometimes its a bliss to not be able to communicate well as then you put your own efforts to understand and comprehend accordingly. 

My name is Jatin Gauttam and I am a student in CSE stream. Recently I and my friends went on a training program which is to be done after 3rd-year completion, to Bangalore, Karnataka. We had chosen HP India for the training purpose. Though I could get my training done in Jaipur or Noida which was much nearer. But I thought, let’s have a new experience in a new city. So we reached Bangalore after 43 hours journey. We were exhausted by a travel period this long, but we also had fun during the journey. Like every other person on this planet, we also have a thing for sight seeing and good scenes. We yelled and wooed during the tunnel passages on the tracks passing Khandala hill station near Mumbai. It went smooth. We sang songs, we troubled people in the train like we were roaming around in the train, bogey to bogey and like they say “You don’t get a life, unless you try to be a child once”. So we tried it in the middle of the night when everyone was sleeping off, we started singing on top of our lungs passing through every bogey. Of course, it had offended people as we were bawling instead of singing. And also, taking pictures of people sleeping in different modes. But yeah, we weren’t used to travelling this long, so we were very much tired. Overall it was a good time on the train. I will never forget this journey.

Now on the first day of arrival to Bangalore, in order to get us a good hotel room near the Training venue, we spent almost 4 hours and we were like “Screw Bangalore, let’s go back”. Though sounds crazy, but we were not in the best phase for the lack of better words. At last we got a good room but by then we had spent an amount that would get us a 3/4 star room. But who cared and we slept. In the morning, we got out searching for the PG services nearby. So Bangalore had this much of swag in it, that I caught a cold just entering the city. Wow, isn’t it. Now that’s not it, we spent 3 days looking for PG services and we couldn’t get one good enough for the four of us. Basically the first impression of Bangalore city was, let’s say not good at all. Then we took a simple looking PG and handed the rent over, so to get rid of the a headache. We were to spend 2 months in Bangalore.

Now the company, HP India has booked a training centre for the training program. The day before training was beginning, we went to have a look at the place, and there was the second headshot to our imaginations of studying and being trained at a centre of an MNC like HP. We were laughing and sobbing at the same time like “Dil ke armaan, aansuon mein beh gaye”. But when the next day training started, it wasn’t bad. Aspirations were high, so our training in Advance Java (J2EE) with the app. development using frame-works, started. The trainers were good and all. For a week or so, training went on smooth. Then we got to know that our trainer was changed. And when the new guy came, it was like a spam through the walls, as we didn’t know what was coming. After that for a month, whatever we learned there actually was learned on our own. Either there was a shell fired every time the new trainer tried telling us something, that it was destroyed in the distance of his mouth to our ears or there was a filter program running between, blocking the things he wanted to convey. And we were not able to understand anything. Not that he didn’t try, but there wasn’t the proper gateway or he was not good in communication.

So we tried, we studied, regularly took the lectures and labs. And somehow some of us started getting it. Now what we were supposed to understand and we just went over notes, helping each other, we made friends. I was glad that I got to meet some good people out there. There had been students from all over India.

During the training period, we visited some quality places in Bangalore. We had fun during those visits. We tried Southern dishes too. Speaking of dishes, the major problem I tell you, is food. North Indian people are supposed to get their act together by managing food chart. That was one bad part of my training. I missed home because of my family, but food also played an important role in missing it more. Now we were getting used to it. At our room, we four messed with people. We sang songs in the middle of the night and also had loads fun there. Wandering on the roads at midnight. Jumping the boundaries of PG hostel, which was bad enough. Still we managed to get the PG manager on our side. So it started going well.

Suddenly our training period was cut short. Instead of 45 days our training ended in 30 days and we had examination and project submission. That’s the part I’m extremely disappointed with HP. So with the half knowledge of the subject our training was done. I tried hard understanding it and I did my job. As we had booked tickets to Jaipur for 10th July, we had to stay for extra 13 days in Bangalore. But then we planned to visit southern beautiful places. We booked ourselves a tour of four days. We visited Mysore, Ooty, and Coonoor. Also, we went to visit Tirupati Balaji temple. These are some amazing places I recommend everyone to visit once. I had an amazing time, and obviously we went through a third-degree incapability of understanding things, this tour helped us forgetting the bleeding recent past. (Imagine sobs).

Hence, overall some things went bad and some things came well out of it. I made good friends, I visited amazing places and had a good time in Bangalore. I never thought I could miss this place, but when the departure date was coming nearer, I started thinking about it. And now I really miss Bangalore and days spent there. We flew back to Jaipur and then to our homes.. Yay! I spent my whole day having mom made dishes.

So basically training period wasn’t that bad. I had good experiences of life in a big city. The rush, the competition and the ordeals in Bangalore. The people of Bangalore are helping in nature and it’s a nice place to visit. And yes, now I learned how to develop web applications using the frameworks and I am working on learning more. So it is alright to explore the doubts and get the results like I did.

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