Internship at MAQ Software – Rini from VNIT

Internship at MAQ SoftwareAt first when you hear about the work profile, it sounds like a cakewalk but when it comes to work, you feel as if you are drowned in water and still not wet. She (left-most) enjoyed her days at internship and loved every bit of it. She was able to learn new things and make contacts with professionals. When you strive hard to succeed then success tries hard to be with you. 

Come summer of the pre-final year, the hunting season for an internship begins. That’s the time to contact your seniors (who suddenly become very important), long-lost acquaintances and even the most distant of distant relatives. You search for internships online and apply like crazy in the hope of getting at least one call.

Thankfully, I got an internship through my college at MAQ Software, Hyderabad. But I had my share of rejections and disappointments in some of the previous interviews. The key is to never give up or lose hope. There is some internship waiting for you somewhere. You just have to make an effort and find it.

Now, coming to my internship, it was an experience of a kind. It’s when you get a feel of the campus to corporate transition. You get your own desk (like a boss), unlimited coffee (bliss for coders) and most importantly, the realization that your work would be more than a college submission that’s gathering dust. You feel more responsible and accountable. You feel good that your work will make a reasonably big impact.

I was a software intern and got to work on new technologies. I was very enthusiastic and eager to learn something new everyday. Every morning, we were assigned different types of work items. I was working on a live project so I had to ensure that I did the best possible work in the given timeline. When I was stuck, help and support was always available from the friendly colleagues. At the end of the day, we used to send a status mail describing the work done. We also used to participate in calls and video conferences with the colleagues in other cities and countries.

But it was not all-work-no-play. To chill out after a long stretch of work, there was XBOX, carrom (I’m a fluke pro!), table tennis, chess (with redefined rules :P), etc. The atmosphere was very vibrant. We used to have birthday celebrations, team outings, company dinners and super-fun events (MAQ’s got talent).

The internship was definitely beneficial in many ways. I got to meet new people who share the same interest and also networked with experienced professionals. I learnt about workplace etiquette and professionalism. I got exposure to how an IT company actually works.

An internship is a different experience altogether. You get to test the waters before taking the plunge. Everyone should strive for a good one. And thanks to the sites like Internshala, the opportunities have only increased. :)

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