Internship at PES University – Chetan from National Institute of Technology, Surathkal

Internship at PES University

It’s not about being the best; it’s about being better than you were yesterday. Chetan is pursuing IT engineering and shares his wonderful experience of internship days.

I came to know about the internship through one of my friends studying there. Then I personally mailed the professor and dean of KAnOE – Center for Analytic and Ontological Engineering at PES University, requesting for an Internship role at their center.
It was a TEQIP Phase II,World Bank Funded Center with all facilities like systems, internet, servers, etc.

I worked in a team of three in developing a Crowd Sourcing and Ontology based project – Semantic Gaming. It was based on the schema of new web data format – RDF triples.

The Internship was for two months in PES University Campus, Bangalore and a stipend of 5k was provided.

For three software geeks like us where else could we get a productive internship? The professor who is also the Research Dean of the University was very experienced, gentle and supportive person. In each stage he would encourage and motivate us to put in our best as we had just two months.

In the first week it was basically incubation period. He introduced us to the topic which was entirely new to us. He also gave some websites URLs and reference books for studying (all resources were open to us for full utilization).

Work Culture – In the entire two months I never felt like I was forced to work on the project. The timings were liberal i.e. we could work from home as well. We could take a day off if we found it too boring or were not getting interest in the project, or if we are stuck up somewhere in the project.

There were other PhD scholars who were working on other important research as well. We would go and ask them about their work. Everyone was too friendly and would treat us like friends.

Technical Aspect – We worked on AllegroGraph Servers. The idea was to develop a quiz-cum-game based project where in the users will play the game by answering the MCQs or Yes/No type questions. In the back end we were storing the details of each users and choices, here by determining the accuracy of the fact according to the people. This is the whole idea behind Crowd Sourcing.(i.e. user wont be knowing that he is contributing to something bigger) We also developed some scoring scheme, leaderboard etc to keep them interested in the game.

The project was uploaded in the local server and many people played and gave us the feedback. There were some improvements suggested and most of them appreciated our work.

Overall Experience – Those two months were fun. I really miss those people. I personally learnt many things – peer learning, team work, disputes that can arise in the team and how to resolve them. More over each one of us were happy that the two months were spent in some useful work.

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