Internship at – Gorank from IIT Kanpur

International InternshipMathematics has always been fascinating to Gorank, an IIT-K student who dreams of creating magic with his number games. With a minor in Marketing, this internship helped him realize his aspiration to be next the wolf out on the Wall Street.

Studying Mathematics at an IIT was a dream that came true for me. But, when I decided to minor in Management Studies, the theoretical knowledge wasn’t quite enough. So, on suggestions of my peers and mentors; I decided to join an internship that would help me hone my marketing skills.

After extensive surfing on the internet and shuffling through my contacts for weeks on end; I finally zeroed in on few internships that met my demands and got selected as a Marketing Intern with I admit the selection process was a lot challenging with two rounds of interview done over Skype. wanted the very best to be the part of the team they were creating.

My early work assignments began with simple campaigns on Facebook and Pinterest ; but with passing of time, I was bestowed with more responsibility and larger projects. The thing with working at is that I have always been encouraged to explore new avenues for improving my performance. With new challenges popped at me with every passing week; has helped me build my confidence in meeting new deadlines and learning new things.

Earlier, marketing was all but plain theory to me but my internship at StudyPal .co has helped me apply those concepts to the real world. The thing with working with is that it worked extremely well with my daily college schedule too. And with the level of creative freedom they provide, I learnt to make my own decisions and pursue my own line of thought in an extremely productive manner. To be able to apply my vision to the working of a company has been a very liberating experience as a learner. Very few companies allow this kind of freedom to their interns and I am grateful to for placing their trust on me.

Being at has been, to be precise, a great deal of fun. With flexibility to work from home combined with the professionally strict deadlines; it has been the perfect combination of creative freedom and professionalism.

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