Internship at Tech-a-mania – Anusha from Anurag group of institutions(CVSR)

Internship at Tech-a-mania The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say you cannot do. Anusha is pursuing Computer Science engineering and shares her wonderful experience of internship days.

Sometimes, most of us undergo or experience one phase of life where we stop and start wondering what we’re doing and if we will be able to see ourselves in the position which we always have been dreaming of. We question ourselves if the profession we opted for us will be able to satisfy and fulfill our dreams. This was what I actually experienced.

Being a computer science student I was scared to switch my career option from computer science to the field of marketing. Unfortunately nobody supported me in what I wanted to do. My lecturers and other friends always insisted me to focus on my grades. I finally landed into a situation where my decisions started being completely dependent upon others. But then it was time I decided to get into the field of marketing no matter how many difficulties I had to face as I realized that marketing was something I was good at. I didn’t rethink or look back. I changed my ambitions and was focused towards my goals.

As I started thinking what to do and how to start, I made a quick plan and decided to go for an internship. It was very difficult to get selected as an intern due to my present course which was nowhere related to marketing. I started searching for online internships,I didn’t leave a single chance which showed me hopes to get into the field of marketing. I sent out hundreds of mails to various companies all over the city. In most of the interviews I was suggested to look for something in the field of computer science. But then there came the day,the hope,the opportunity-TECH-A-MANIA.

Getting into this company and discovering this opportunity was completely due to my will, hard work and passion for marketing. Now talking about my internship experience, I enjoyed a lot in my internship as it was educationally enriching and marketing based. Sitting comfortably at home and working is the coolest thing I have ever experienced.

There were difficulties as weekly tasks were tough. It was a 4 week long internship program where I had to watch and learn from 30 super video sessions in the first week. In the second week I had to tackle 10 tasks which challenged our knowledge base and all that we knew so as to provide a clear depiction of the internship program and marketing in short. By this time I had realized that I was born for marketing and not for becoming a Software Engineer, coding for hours is not my cup of tea. The third week required me to complete few certifications pertaining to marketing and the fourth week required me to work for the company which I did to the best of my abilities. I got selected as the best intern with an A+ grade which was nothing less than a dream for me.

I learned a lot from my internship. I am currently working for tech-a-mania as Heading TSP15 Program. I am simply in love with my work now. I want to thank tech-a-mania for giving me opportunities to look forward in my life.

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  • October 3, 2015 at 12:25 AM

    Thank you so much Anusha we would also like to get such this internship opportunities how could we get?


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