Internship at Vatsana Technologies – Alefiya from Institute of Engg & Tech(IET), DAVV, Indore(M.P.)

Internship at Vatsana Technologies

What you are looking for is not out there, it’s in you. Alefiya is pursuing Electronics and Communication engineering and shares her wonderful experience of internship days.

College life has always been an awaiting phase of life for all of us undoubtedly. The fantasies of attaining the freedom and being introduced to the real world with vast multitude of options to choose from, pave way for an overall personal and professional growth.

Being a pre-final year student presently I was actually brought in terms with the term ‘Internship’ last year through my seniors. Though there were training and academic coaching as alternatives for us, I was interested to enter the real world and understand things through experience! My inclinations and passion for writing along with an unending love for English language landed me an extravagant opportunity at an ultra-fast growing startup in my own city, “Vatsana Technologies”.

After application through a portal with a resume and a brief telephonic conversation, I was finally called upon for an interview one fine Sunday (Yes, Sunday as this was their first working day of week with Saturdays off!). So with my first formal corporate interview awaiting I was all set with my resume and formal interview advices, tips etc. actually unaware of what was to happen.

And so the big day comes, and where I sat before an interviewing panel of 2 young brilliant writers. The interview began with assumingly formal “Who are you and Why are you here?” and proceeded to questions where I was asked to put my views on LGBT! Moreover I was analyzed by my social media networks profile i.e. FB, Twitter etc. And above all I was characterized with real time situations of meeting other people at office and having little talks with all of them (while they were actually busy working) and the final task of doing something which I had never done before – “10 – pushup exercise” (making a great mess of my ironed formals). I performed this task and was greeted with a mind-blowing response! The session ended and I was asked to submit my works before the day ends in a specified format.

Next day I received an email to arrive at office where I met their actual Board of Members, the CEO himself who was satisfied by my ‘performance’ and gave me the appointment letter. I started working as an intern story-teller at their venture website “WittyFeeds” and then proceeded as a freelance writer.

The startup environment and flexibility gave me a perfect platform to explore my creative side. Although my internship is over, the place still holds good memories. Being a technical undergraduate in Electronics & Telecommunication engineering satisfying my quench for writing through a legitimate corporate procedure was the best thing that happened to me, indeed!

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