Internship at Delhi International Airport Developers Limited – Sahit from GMRIT

Internship at DIALInternships tend to bring best in you. It’s necessary for us to give our best so as to get maximum output from it. During his internship he wasn’t glued to his topic but learnt from various other  platforms also.

I am J. Sahit Kumar Reddy. I pursued internship for a period of 4 weeks at Delhi International Airport developers Limited (DIAL). The internship was provided by our institute (G.M.R Institute of Technology). On the first day we reported at the HR department and we were introduced to HR Manager who allotted different departments to all the students. I was allotted the department of Airside Operations. The following day I applied for the Airport Entry Pass (AEP) which is necessary to enter into the department. Next day I reported to the Manager of Airside Operations. Then he interviewed me for some time and introduced me to AGM (Training). On the following day along with safety training, a brief introduction was given about the activities of the department and I was taken to a field to observe the different activities. Next day a board meeting was held in which a project was assigned to me. Then a mentor was assigned to guide me through my project. Besides the mentor, many employees helped me in my project. They took me for field visits and explained about the runways, runway visual range system, landing and take-off of the airplanes etc. It was a nice experience, seeing the landing and take-off the airplanes’. For a few days I worked on my project and showed the progress. They explained about the threat from birds to airplanes’ and also about different birds which frequently visit the Delhi airport. They explained about the instruments which were used to scare the birds and showed the instruments. I learnt about the working of those instruments. I used to go for a field visit thrice a week for observing the technologies and also for checking if there are any errors in the safety measures. If any error was found I was supposed to report at the department, so that it will be rectified immediately. We used to have a board meeting once in a fortnight in which different aspects were discussed related to safety and management of airplanes. I used to show the status of my project in the meeting. During the field visit I used to observe the parking stands, runways and also a detailed inspection on why the birds are getting attracted and the preventive measures along with the mentor. I have successfully completed my project and submitted it to the Manager and the AGM. They praised me for my work. Through this internship I have learnt teamwork, enhanced my technical skills and got exposed to the working environment of the industry. Thus the internship is a great opportunity and also a good experience.

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2 thoughts on “Internship at Delhi International Airport Developers Limited – Sahit from GMRIT

  • November 20, 2015 at 5:28 PM

    thank you sahit for your kind information.its awesome…!!
    i am motivated . And i will progress my internship at DIAL.

  • April 24, 2016 at 4:34 PM

    can you please tell me how would i apply for a technical internship at delhi international airport


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