Internship at Fedelity Investment – Koduru Anusha from NIT Karnataka

Internship at Fedelity InvestmentsIt’s the presence of every drop that completes the sea, even the little effort that goes unnoticed, piles up in paving the big way ahead. Working long hours in office and putting your heart in that one project is worth all the happiness. She was welcomed by a strange person but when she left, she carried a bunch of best friends along with her.

It was the day when I was extremely excited about meeting new people at a new place and getting exposed to the corporate life. It started off when I got down the flight booked by the company and I saw a person catching a display board with my name written on it. That was the warmest welcome that I could ever think of. The ten day stay at hotel made me more comfortable and the work culture at office made me just fit into the place. The day long induction program on the first day followed by the dinner at a five star hotel, nothing absolutely is forgettable. That night I was scared to walk around and go back to the hotel room and the HR actually dropped me at my place. This incident itself tells us how close I got to the people the very first day. The second day was the start of my eight week corporate life which I was totally unaware of. I introduced myself, found new routes to canteen, made new friends, and discovered the breakout areas and so on.

Once settled, it’s time for the actual work to start off. I started with figuring out the problem statement and making necessary discussions for bringing out the best ideas, getting feedback from the users and making note of each and every point possible. This process made me understand the practical perception in which a project is considered in corporate world. There are a lot of things that are to be taken into account like the manager under whom you are working, the members in your team, the support you get from them and finally, the completion of the project. I installed all the necessary software, getting approvals wherever required. It was not easy, at least for the first few days when you know nothing as how the procedures work at this place but later on, it gets smoother and after all, it is the place to learn and show off your skills. My team had been really great and very supportive. I had a daily scrum meeting to discuss about the project and improvements to be made. It was the collective efforts and coordinating work that brings a proper shape to the project. Nevertheless, you cannot forget the treats from the manager which makes you feel like a significant member of the team.

We continued with learning something new each day and putting it into immediate practice and completed the project. It is just wonderful when you think back and see how the project started off from scratch when nothing was there and finally you build up something that is going to be used in a huge firm. This raised my level of confidence by a huge amount. The duration of eight weeks taught me a lot than what I have studied in the past 3 years at my college. This is like the best experience which one should face to know and understand about your later period of life. I got to meet a lot of people, talk to them, and know their ideologies. Some of them were really inspiring and a few actually made me think a lot about my career.

It was just an eight week bonding but it is really difficult to leave a place where you got really close to people and now you know that you are going to miss them. The day when you collect your stipend and the internship certificate, finish off your exit formalities and shut down your system for the one last time made me feel nostalgic but this is how the life goes on. I went back to college with high standards, learnt to be more confident that I am something better than what I used to be in every aspect. What else do I need? :)

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