Internship at FLSmidth – Divya from KCT Business School

Internship at FLSmidthThe big misconception about the harsh life of corporate world vanished from Divya’s (in last row, third from left) mind after interning in a corporate company and enjoying the office days to the core. She pours her heart out while writing this and walks down the memory lane.  

My internship at FLSmidth was extraordinary and I had a great learning. I actually presumed that corporate companies won’t even respect or give a chance to the students as it is an additional burden to them in case of teaching them and other concerns. But here, it was completely different and I was welcomed with a lovely gesture.

The team with which I was working considered me as their kid and began sharing their knowledge and experiences. Every day, I learned at least 2-3 new things either technically or other stuff like business etiquette, etc. Now the company is ready to retain me. This depicts how much I was feeling comfortable, adapted and also contributed to that team.

I loved the work culture there. There were no restricted time limits for the break. This gives complete freedom to the employees and makes them feel satisfied and balanced during the working hours. I loved this kind of flexible practices. There was a group of 3 employees who were of my age group. I was completely associated with them and we had good networking. Also, other peers were kind enough to train me. I felt comfortable with the whole team.

When it comes to informal meetings, it was a great opportunity for me to interact with the rest of the teams. We spent quality time with each other. Ultimately, this internship served me with what I wanted to learn and experience in a most effective and efficient way.

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