Internship at IIM Ahmedabad – Akash from IIIT Bhubaneswar

Internship at IIM AhmedabadWhere there is a will, there is a way. Akash was reluctant to spend his vacations in the most productive way and unlike others, he was sitting in front of a laptop and working during his holidays. Not only he managed to complete it but also was appreciated for the work. 

It was May and I was back at home after completing my 1st Year of Bachelors of Technology in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. First few days at home were awesome, having parents around you to take your care, enjoy home cooked food and going out on a vacation with family. But soon I realized that it was turning boring and unproductive. I could feel the sheer wastage of time sitting at home. So I decided not to sit back and search for an internship. Internship after just completing your 1st Year? This guy has gone mad, This was the reaction from relatives and friends. Instead of encouragement I was told to enjoy my holidays, mingle with friends and give up the hope of obtaining any kind of Internship. But thanks to god for blessing with me with best parents one could ever have. My mom always used to say” Never waste your time, the experience you gain during these years of your life will be worth having and be it any kind of work never feel shy or let yourself down thinking what society would think of you”.

I started browsing the internet, applied to numerous positions, got replies from few but rejected them as most of them were offering marketing and door to door sales. Being a 1st-year graduate chances of obtaining an internship in a core company was next to impossible. After intense effort which I had put in browsing the web, I came across the Scholars for Change Campaign, IIM Ahmedabad. As a result, I applied for the position of Knowledge Associate and got selected after answering few questions put up by them within the application form. Hence, the journey started.

We worked upon creating and translating quality educational content in maths and science for classes 6-9 with syllabus at par with NCERT and Gujarat Educational Board. Learning is the most important objective of an Internship. During this campaign, I was able to revive my knowledge of topics I read in classes 6-9 which was fun at the same time reviving my memories when I learned those things in my days. Also being from an English medium urban private school, like every typical student even I lost my fluency in regional languages. This campaign helped me strengthen my vocabulary, fluency in Hindi and Bengali as well as I learned how to use Video editing Softwares.

There was a points table for the Interns. Every video submitted by intern was rated by points ranging from 50-200 depending upon the quality, length, duration, content and the type (created or translated). We were given weekly deadlines after which the points table used to be made public.There were incentives given starting from an on-campus internship at IIM A, promotion, and special commendation.

This was all about my experience at SFC Campaign IIM A. You get to learn so much and become workaholic without feeling stressed out. Every week was a new challenge, a new topic list to be explored, a new set of targets and the competition for the promotion if not the campus internship. I completed my internship successfully and received a promotion, special recommendation, and a book as a gesture from the Faculty Incharge of the campaign at IIM Ahmedabad.

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