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Internship at IIT KharagpurAll of us have one dream which we wanted to be true since our childhood. Eventually, as we grow up we find ourselves standing on the other side of the road. Still that dream ignites within us every now and then. Subhechha walked down the memory lane and shared her wonderful experience of interning at her favourite place.

This is Subhechha. I am an IT engineering student in the final year of her study. Well, every engineering student in India supposedly has the dream of getting in through the majestic gates of the most prestigious engineering colleges in India! The IITs. Well, for me, getting through the JEE was a bit hard. So I fulfilled my dream of studying in IIT by interning there. With that said, it has probably been one of the most awesome experiences of my tiny life!

Immediately the day after of my semester exams (not fun!!) I had to leave for Kharagpur. Once I reached there, I was truly awestruck. IIT KGP was an entire city with lush green lawns, huge departmental buildings, and international campus facilities. I was gushing with happiness and cursed myself for not studying in High School!! Soon settling into my hostel room, I went out in the evening for a bit of exploration. Whatever met my eyes impressed me to the hilt. I couldn’t wait for my internship to start! Just then my mentor called me up. He asked me to meet in the departmental lab that evening.

Excited beyond words, I rushed to meet him. As I entered the Lab, I saw 2-3, 25 year old’s playing cricket in the Lab. Woah! Dude, this is supposed to be IIT?! Am I in the wrong place, I asked myself. Nope, replied the nameplate on the departmental door. “”Department of Computer Science and Engineering”” it stated in blocks.

My reverie was broken by a young guy who asked me who I was. I stammered, stuttered and broke in half sentences out of tension. Soon I found out that he was my mentor. He gave me a bundle of research papers to read, which I, in the most depressed state took away quietly and left. Later, when I returned to my hostel, I found two bubbly girls as my roommates. And it was then, I made two great buddies for life :) We had all sorts of fun since IIT hostels did not have any restrictions on the time at night. We roamed at night letting the beauty and magnanimity of the institution sink in. I was truly blessed, as the mentor I had was ok with me working from home. He was cool enough to have our mutual schedules synchronized. As a result, I slept in the mornings, had fun in the evenings and studied and worked during the nights.

I got a chance to interact with the best research fellows of the country, great Ph.D. students, and cool M.E mentors and made a huge bunch of friends from all over the country. The experience was awe thrilling. Ohh! I almost forgot. I think the greatest gift to mankind is FREE FOOD. Well here we didn’t have free food, but we had the subsidized outlet of every food brand available. KFCs , CCDs, Subways etc became our homes. One thing which I personally loved about the work culture there was, the greatness of these institutions lies in their mentality of having everything in life balanced. “”Work hard and party harder”” seems to be their mantra! And it works mighty well.

The days flew by and two glorious months also had to come to an end. I collected my certificate and loved the fact that my Internship was a PAID one. Double Cheers! ;) Well, all done and dusted, I loved sharing this experience with all of you guys. Hope this inspires you all to at least do a single internship from any of the IITs. They Rock!

Lastly, thank you Internshala! Chatter heads like us really owe you one!

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