Internship at Letsintern – Drumil from Indus University

Internship at Letsintern

Well, life takes turns and drop us in potholes, we might not find the escape from it but we find the best way to come out of it. If there is something that you don’t enjoy doing then don’t think twice. Search where your passion lies and make that your occupation. Strive hard and strike harder.

I am Drumil Sheth, studying last year of computer science from Indus University. To be frank, I am very bad at coding and computers. Now I feel that the work that excites me and to make me jump out of my bed in the morning is Management. I realised that very late so I will be a computer engineer by chance not by choice.

One bright morning of February 2014, one of my friends called me and asked me if I am interested in doing virtual marketing internship for Viber?  I said let’s give it a shot. That is how I connected myself with the management world. It was a 3-month internship.

I worked as an intern for the first two weeks then because of some unavoidable circumstances my cluster manager had to leave the internship and I grabbed that opportunity to be a cluster manager and got a chance a to handle a team of 50 Interns. I worked as a CM for 4 weeks then I got exhausted because many of the interns backed out and work pressure was increasing day by day. I asked my city-head that can I continue as an intern because I can’t handle this. He tried to convince me a lot not to leave the post, but I didn’t listen and continued as an intern. After me they changed 3 cluster managers, no one was actually able to handle that team and I was the one who worked as a CM for the longest time period (4 weeks).

After that, I got a mail from let’s intern on 1st January 2015. They offered me to be a City Head for the Virtual Marketing Internship of Young India Fellowship. It is a course offered by Ashoka University. I was very excited to do that. Finally, it was a chance to prove myself that I can handle and I will handle.

Handled a team of 15 people for 8 weeks and made Ahmedabad one of the top performer. The internship was simultaneously running in 8 other cities too. Then I never looked back. After that, I worked for OLX. In OLX handled a team of 25 People for 3 months and Ahmedabad was the 3rd best performer in the race of 10 cities.  I did all the work from Recruitment to the closing of the internship.

I guided many interns in how to attract more and more people on social media and mentored them when needed. It gives me utter happiness when they call me sir. Moreover, I have also received a glorious recommendation from the business head of Let’s Intern.

Currently, I am working on two projects. One for Vogue Eye-ware and one for Closeup first move the party. Let’s Intern gave me such a nice opportunity to make my network strong. This Internships improved my Team Management, Public Speaking, Decision Power, Personality and number of other things that I can’t count. There is nothing you can’t do, you just need to focus what you can do the best.

A Big Thank you to Internshala for giving me a chance to share my experience. In the end, I would like to say only one thing.

Nothing is Impossible. So keep Working on different jobs till your heart says this is the perfect work for you.

Thank you.

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