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Internship at NielsonTo stand apart from the crowd, we have to move out of our comfort zone and try something new. Let go off the fear that pulls you down, have faith in the existence of your dreams and risk it. If you fail, you will learn a lesson and if you succeed then the world is all yours.

“wow! It’s Nielsen.” A sigh of happiness when I saw the congratulations mail. Ah! What a proud moment. Got selected in a company I thought I couldn’t. Zoom in, I was excited. Zoom out, it was my first day at Nielsen!

“I need to learn a lot, work hard and get a Pre-Placement Interview for sure” was my inner voice. With hands clutched I was waiting in the lobby. Well, it was a short wait. After 1 and the half day, I moved from the lobby to the workplace. Sure a quick start it is!

So, continuing the story, I got the other surprise. No workstation! After 4 short days, I finally got a computer to work on. “Things are happening so quickly” I sighed. Of course it was a sigh of *whatever* But these 4 days saved me from dying like Jack. Yes, the same Jack who became a dull boy with all work & no play. Yes! I learned Table Tennis. I continue to play the game even after my internship. Happy that it saves me from gaining fat, I meant my girl friend’s happiness.

Now, it’s time to gear up. I met the mentor assigned to me, she was a super cool boss. Then I met my actual mentor with whom my journey to learn real stuff would begin. Things were pretty haywire at the beginning as I couldn’t match their E with my A. Their Expectations with my Ability! I had to learn to be on my toes ‘cos my boss is a no-nonsense lady. Good for me! Remember? I am on a mission to learn.

It took a week to shake my head and dust my abilities to comprehend and start performing. Slow and steady wins the race. In my case, steady performance was all it mattered. Gaining my mentor’s belief that I can deliver was the prime objective and I successfully achieved it. Things started to move quickly, 7 days a week became a routine. Field visits, coordinating various teams, pushing project management team to achieve targets, clearing out issues on day to day basis, documenting. Oof! Hectic is the only word I remember as I write this story.

Thanks to my mentor, her belief pushed me away from resting. The project started to move, hectic seemed challenging, long hours seemed interesting. The kudos I received from my mentor at the end is all that I remember now and the abilities I gained will be nurtured by me for the years to come. Thanks to life which leaves us blindfolded in a flowery path!

P.S: Blindfold fills us with fear & creates uncertainty. A stronger belief in the step we take will show us that life is indeed a flowery path. We are just afraid to move from the place we started.

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