Internship at Novistra Capital – Kunal from SRCC, DU

Internship at Novista Capital

Kunal who is an undergrad who has faced a lot of difficulties to find an internship, but nevertheless he didn’t give his hope and put his best foot forward. Day and night he worked hard and finally was able to intern during the holidays.

The second year of college was about to end. Coming July, the third year would commence which was going to be a power packed one, CAT Examination, placements etc. Now every aspirant candidate was looking to intern in the upcoming vacations, including me. I was an outstation student which meant no personal contacts and I had to find an internship by myself. My only source of finding an internship was through the college Placement Cell or online through websites like Internshala etc. For months, I had been looking at internships online but could not find one suiting my choice and did get selected to the internship programs of the big MNCs which had visited the college. This was depressing, and even depressing was being unable to find a single internship suiting my needs online, even when I had registered to a lot of online portals. Time was passing by, people around me taking up internships through some or the other way. I became desperate day by day. So, I prepared a list of companies where I wished to intern and started making cold calls. Got rejected by most of them but received a few mail IDs (which for me was a successful campaign). Excited at receiving the mail IDs, I sent out mails. Result: Rejection and No Response for days and weeks.

Frustrated, and with hope fading fast, an idea struck my mind. LinkedIn! Now, someone has suggested me to try out the alumni network of SRCC, but they didn’t say how. Now, I am an active user of LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides every new user a month of free access to its premium features which allows every user to send in a fixed number of emails which 3 to any user on LinkedIn (does not have to be your connection). So, I searched “Shri Ram College of Commerce” in LinkedIn. To my surprise, I found a page with 8500+ alumni connected. The page was really very interesting, I had filter options according to the location, industry of work, and company. I quickly filtered it according to my requirements. The filter gave around a hundred people. Now, came the task of sending out emails which 3 people, I went through 50-60 profiles and zeroed in on profiles. The profiles I selected were all Senior- level Executives. I sent them emails saying that I am looking for an internship and if they could help me with one (being very crisp).

To my surprise again, one of them replied the next day. Asked for my CV, exchanged emails and fixed a meeting. Meeting was a very basic one and finally, I got my internship in an Investment Bank, the industry where I wanted to be! I’ve completed my internship, it was one of the best experiences of my life, wonderful industry experience, great people, and a lot of support and guidance. This is my story, hope this inspires you to go through unchartered territories and achieve something nice for yourself, something special, something not everyone can get!

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