Internship at RBI – Manisha from BIMTECH

Internship at RBIHow beautiful it is to witness a positive change in you. Her feet were stumbling when she began but now they are firm and she is running on the path of success. Within the time span of two months, she progressed and walked through the utmost worthy experience. Time moves on, but memories stay back. She too has a golden treasure of memories.

RBI is an esteemed organization, my experience began the day I first applied for the internship program via a mail to the central office, Mumbai. I was shortlisted on the basis of my resume and then, was called for the interviews. When I first entered the RBI premises, I was awestruck by the infrastructure and professionalism in every single employee. I was a proud citizen, watching the elegance and serenity with which everyone was following the circulars and complying with the laid standards. A nervous girl sat amidst 50 more interns and waiting for her turn for the interview. That day a very ‘naive’ Manisha gave the interview and luckily, got selected.

I received the news a couple of weeks later that I was about to embark on the most amazing journey of my life. I knew I was going to work as an intern under the guidance of some of the most reputed officials of the country. The project assigned to me was related to the Foreign Exchange Department. Usually, the interns are treated as outsiders and not given access to the organization’s database. But here, I learned the lesson of being humble and unostentatious when you have to learn from others. From the first few days, I could observe that the employees had the biggest asset of experience and maturity with them.

They were a bit skeptical when technological and software related issues popped up. And this, at times, created some hindrance to their day to day work. Here I found space for myself to fit in. Irrespective of the grade and post of a person I was always willing to assist them in tech-related matters. In a few days’ time, I created a small space for myself in the office. And hence, I have the experience of dealing with Forex compounding cases, Licensing of FFMC cases, FDI reporting cases and Export Outstanding cases. I attended the monthly departmental meetings. This enormous practical exposure along with my theoretical project which traces how Foreign Exchange has evolved in India and the way RBI has stood up with fiscal and monetary policy measures to maintain a sustainable industrial production over the years has really inculcated the confidence in me.

On July 6, 2015, I gave my final presentation in front of the Regional Director and General Managers at RBI, I gave recommendations and was given a certificate of appreciation by the HOD of Forex Department. The last day when I was about to leave the city, I could recollect how my journey had started a few months back. I was fidgeting the day I was going to give the interview for selection. But a single trace of nervousness was not there when I gave my final presentation along with the recommendations. Apart from a fulfilling experience on a professional front I developed warm relations in the office environment also. It feels nostalgic when the fellow employees at RBI leave a message that they miss a ‘cheerful face’ in the office even after 2 months. Yes, my internship at RBI was certainly an experience I am going to cherish forever.

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