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Internship at Vskills

Amidst the pool of doubts, Aman made a firm decision and started writing for blogs. He was self-motivated and despite being new in the field of writing, he didn’t give up rather ended up receiving appreciation from all around. 

It was the month of September in near 2014 when, I finally started trusting the vibes which had been coming to me since a year. The vibe was that why am I putting efforts into something I really do not enjoy. Then I finally dived into a deep ocean of thought, in search of a pearl, which could make my career shine by reflecting its lustre.

 Before I put myself into finding a way to travel which could give me the eternal bliss, there was a short period of melancholy. During this period, I was in depression possibly because of my swaging thoughts and desires. Before reaching this level, I had already switched my career goal seven or eight times. At that point of time, I was a guy who cannot stick to a particular work for more than a month or two. There were so many instances when I felt like doing something i.e. pursuing a particular career goal and I used to start pouring myself into that, but before I could get completely moulded into that frame, I used to get bored. The bottom line is that passion was missing. There was nothing, I could feel passionate about.

Subsequently, I got fed up and somewhere deep down in my mind, a feeling started to make space for itself, and the feeling was, if this attitude towards work continues, I am not going to do anything and that in turn will ruin all my dreams and  desires to live the kind of life I want to. I was totally indecisive at that point of time and then the period came when I went into melancholy.

It is said that ‘decisions come out of frustrations’ and that was true in my case. Apart from learning basic finance, I decided to learn and gain some experience in this field by working under experts. Then the aspiration of pursuing an internship started. As I started searching on the net, I saw a couple of internship positions available at various finance firms. By seeing those, my ebullience to pursue the internship went on an entirely different level. But, as I went through the eligibility criteria the ebullience did not last. All of them wanted a candidate from accounts background and I did not know even a bit of account. I kept searching for a week or two, but I could not see a ray of hope. While searching, I saw a post one day that was by V skills the government certification system in various domains. The first thing I looked into was the eligibility criteria and it was difficult for me to believe my eyes as there was no such criteria related to accounts. Without delaying for a single second, I applied for that.

 A week passed and I did not get any response from V skills team. Some more days passed and I started losing hope for selection. Time passed and my sixth-semester exam was on the head. Because of the exam season this internship thing completely got out of my mind. On the first day of the exam, I went to write the paper and returned little quick. While I was sitting in my room, my cell phone rang and it was from V skills and I was selected. The feeling was immense and soon I was provoked to the outbursts of happiness.

As my exams got finished, I started working as an intern at V skills dashboard. It was a virtual internship. My work was to write articles in the finance domain and for that I put myself completely into the reading and writing work. The competition was tough because there were so many knowledgeable people there on the V skills dashboard who wrote magnificently.

Due to the competitive environment and the passion to lead I devoted myself head to toe in finance for two months and the outcome was absolutely scrumptious. I was provided with the certificate of an internship with a bonus in the form of a letter of recommendation from V skills. I must say that my experience of the internship was really awesome.

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