Internship at So Delhi – Arzoo from DRC, DU

Internship at SodelhiShe spread her wings across and illuminated the spark within her in the world. She was there for everyone, she was the source of many smiles and inspite of many difficulties she continues to inspire many.

I am a commerce student from Delhi University pursuing (H). Being a Bharatanatyam dancer, an international level debater and an inter-zonal level athlete, I have acquired several traits like confidence, commitment and dedication from the aforementioned fields and much more of this stuff.

After 3 years of thinking and countless attempts to clear my IPCC exams, I finally made up my mind to do something with my life, so I sent the above mentioned answer to a question -“why should we hire you? “. Little did I know that internships in one’s career are as important as a first job or a graduate degree in one’s resume. I have helped so many of my friends to complete their internships. I have walked down the street to get my eyes tested, I have bought paper bags worth rupee 1 at the price of Rs. 20, I have even given my Facebook password to a friend who had to meet his targets for his internship, yea who does that, well I did. So I started looking for an internship. My best friend told me that there was an internship which perfectly suit my profile. So I went on SO  Delhi ‘s Instagram page and applied for the virtual internship. And I selected all the fields. Hey! Don’t judge me, it was my first time!

So I selected all the fields and wrote a short paragraph about me as mentioned above, to which I later learned that I wasn’t supposed to write an article on myself. But call it fate or whatever. I was in deep sleep that afternoon and I got a call from an unknown number telling me that I was shortlisted for it. I was really happy and was on cloud 9. I went to my parent’s room and danced for a while. Then I received a mail from the SO Delhi team confirming my internship. I was mailed an activity excel sheet with 5 areas covered being PR & Marketing, Social Media, Content, Editorial & Photography and I was absolutely clueless. To my information, I assumed I had to pick from these categories and complete only one. So I chose social media, I bugged the intern manager with lots of mails and phone calls spamming her with notifications. Since it was social media marketing, I had to re-post their posts on social media platforms and write comments. And send them the links of my re-posts. So I did what I understood. I copied the links and I mailed under each heading.

I got a phone call. I thought to myself; Appreciation Calling Arzoo!!! Way to Go Girl!!
I picked up and “Arzoo you are doing it all wrong!” Ugh.

Ma’am told me what I was supposed to do. And I started copying links in the excel sheet. I got a call again!  I said to myself; Arzoo this time, for sure. It’s ‘Pat on your back for your Good work ‘ Calling! I picked up. And “Arzoo you are doing it wrong again. There is a difference between hearts, smiles and proper sophisticated comments.” So this time I started doing it with full dedication.

My final year exams were also going on, I did not let them come in my way. All my friends must have been thinking that what a stupid girl, using all the time on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter in the middle of exams. 1 month passed, and I was constantly posting on all social media platforms. Only 3 weeks were left for my internship to end, then I thought to myself maybe, I didn’t have the option to choose from the various fields, maybe I was to complete all 5. So I mailed a 100-word query, asking whether it was compulsory to complete the other fields.
I got a 3-word reply. “YES, IT IS.”

I had only 3 weeks left and the work was like way too much to complete in such a less span of time. So I did all of the work in just 3 weeks and finally managed to finish it on time 22nd June 2015. was the last day of my internship. And I was so proud of the fact that finally I have done all my work.

I submitted the work and mailed the intern manager telling that I am done with the work. I did all of it in such a hurry that when I submitted I expected a reply or something. But I didn’t get one. A week went by, and I got nothing, 2 weeks, 3 weeks after that I got a mail which said that my intern manager was down with chicken pox and that was the reason she couldn’t revert. Taking a sigh of relief I told her that it was no problem and that she can take her time. Then after a week or so I was tagged in a post by So Delhi on Facebook. I saw and it said all the people tagged have completed their internship and that they can collect their certificates. Finally my hard work paid off and this is how I completed my first internship also achieving A grade at the end of internship. I then mailed my intern manager. “Thank you so much SO Delhi team. It was a pleasure working with you guys. Wish SO Delhi a billion years of success and I am and will be available for SO Delhi any time and every time.” After all it was the first time I worked. It’s actually a very good atmosphere out there in the corporate world!

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