Internship at Wipro Technologies – Vishal from IIT Delhi

Internship at WiproBest things come when we least expect them. Vishal is pursuing MBA and shares his wonderful experience of internship days.

I was selected for the Wipro Summer Experience (WiSE 2015) through my campus summer placement process. The selection criteria consisted of CV shortlisting, GD and PI.

I got the official letter in the month of February, a day before I was leaving for Germany for the Global Field Study. I was very excited before the trip and the offer letter doubled the excitement when I came to know that my posting is in the beautiful city of Bangalore.

When I landed in Wipro’s corporate office for the first day, a wave of nostalgia hit me. I have worked in an IT company before joining DMS, IIT Delhi for pursuing my MBA. Things looked similar from outside yet everything was new for me. ‘A new organization, a new start’ – I said to myself. The induction process was had the usual elements of the company profile, the WiSE program in detail, expectations from us and various fun activities to that we get acquainted with students from other colleges.

I reported to my boss on the second day who happens to be a Senior Vice President of the company. I interacted with him for few minutes and soon we were talking business. He gave me the opportunity to explore and choose one of the teams with whom I would work based on my preference of MBA specialization. Since, I wish to major in Operations Management I was tagged to the Supply Accuracy team of the Workforce Management Group after discussing at length about the learning opportunity I can have to work in People Supply Chain.

My project scope was defined and refined multiple times until it looked rock solid. I was assigned a mentor, a General Manager of the Business Operations – Workforce Management Group (WMG), to guide me throughout my internship. My project deliverable was to analyse the reasons for lower Supply Accuracy in WMG, identify the pain areas of all the stakeholders and suggest implementable solutions to address those pain areas thereby improving the supply accuracy.

My daily routine comprised of scheduling meetings with employees, Resource Managers, Delivery Heads, Senior Delivery Heads, Competency SPOCs, Information System SPOCs, Heads of Freshers’ On-boarding Development, Heads of Workforce Process Analytics, Business Process Associates, Practice Heads across various verticals and service lines. I used to discuss with them at length about the WMG activities and start narrowing down the pain areas that were very specific to their areas. The questionnaires I prepared for the employees, RMs and DMs were circulated and I would crunch numbers and spend days on analysing the responses. Through extensive discussions, I came up with 5 key solutions that my mentor and guide were really impressed with. They have started implementation of those ideas and even offered me to work on a new project post my internship.

My key learnings from the project were as follows:

• I got to understand and analyse the activities of People Supply Chain comprising of more than 150,000 employees which is quite different from the product supply chain we are taught in our curriculum generally.

• The allocation of resources to projects on the basis of skill set, competencies and account-level budget keeping in mind key factors such as – reducing cost of delivery, cadre building on specific technologies, MIS on supply availability, on-time fulfilment, on budget fulfilment with the right resource @ right time @ right location.

• Identification of quality proposal through Skill Match workbench, bench management, competency management & various process analytics that goes on in selecting the right resource for the right project.

The overall experience was fantastic. I was very comfortable with the senior management of the company and had the opportunity to hang out with them and discuss things beyond my project scope. They had key points to add for my growth both personally and professionally. I was awarded WiSE 2015 Best Project Award towards the end of my internship!

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  • February 9, 2017 at 11:43 PM

    I am Ila Gaur. Am pursuing my MBA 2nd semester from galgotias university. I would like to do my summer internship from Wipro kindly guide me for the same

  • April 22, 2017 at 4:26 PM

    Sir we completed 3rd year b tech and we are getting holidays of 2 months so we want to do internship in these holidays in wipro. We are eligible?


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