How Internshala team members spent their first stipend!

Team InternshalaInternshala was managed by a group of remote interns for the first two years of its incipience and even today interns remain the backbone of the team. Some interns had received their first stipend this month, and we decided to ask them about how they were spending it. Here’s what they have shared with us:

Manas (Content Writer):

I got my first stipend of Rs. 5000/- in the 2nd year of graduation for doing a couple of online writing assignments. I had been planning to visit the World Book Fair in Delhi and decided to use the stipend in buying as many books as I could.

My friends cancelled the plan at the last moment but I decided to go ahead alone. That was the first time I was travelling alone by train, and it was helluva fun! I stayed in a guest house in Paharganj for 3 days and bought around two dozens of books from the fair. While coming back, I even missed my train and had to come in the general compartment of the next train for 14 hours! (Never making that mistake again :P) In a way, that stipend paved the way for my first solo travel and I haven’t looked back since then. :)

Aakriti (Ad Sales):

My first stipend gave me a sense of freedom- freedom to decide where to spend the money which I had earned for the first time. Seemed like a big responsibility, and so I decided to use it wisely.

I stuck to this for exactly 2 days, and then I blew it all on shopping for my mom and myself. Yes, I was broke for the rest of the month but I had no regrets; this was the best part of earning my own money.

PS. I’m still working on sticking to ‘use wisely’ policy!

Ferhan (Business Manager):

With my stipend, I paid my rent and from whatever that was left bought gifts for my parents. I went broke in a week, understood the value of money, and downloaded the Moneycontrol app to control the expenses. Second stipend: went broke in two weeks! #OnTheRightTrack

Harsh (Corporate Relations):

I can clearly recall that my dad dropped me a text message early morning informing me that my stipend has been credited. I called after an hour, and he was both happy and emotional at the same time.

I had no prior plans on how to spend my first stipend and was sitting in office and wondering about going to fancy restaurant or buying some goodies. At that time the guy (Salim) who served tea in the office came with his usual smile.

I instantly realized what I would do with my first stipend. I ordered from McDonald’s and took the meal to the tea shop and gave it to Salim and Ravi (another guy who brings tea). Their smile made my day, and I returned to office feeling content. :)

Aastha (HR):

It was the most amazing day of my life. I was jumping in ecstasy like Rachel, the only difference being instead of a paycheck, I was holding my cell and showing off my bank balance through a message. While coming to office, I bought chocolates for all my colleagues and bought a pair of earphones for my best friend.

That night I also took my parents for dinner to a restaurant which I always wanted them to try. I also bought a shirt for my brother and for Salim. Spending my first stipend was honestly a great experience!

Vimal (Business Apprentice):

I have always seen my father negotiating with clients, customers, and even vendors. He is regarded as the smartest person in my family for running a successful business because of his convincing and negotiating skills.

As I grew up, I learned a lot from my father. I’ve learnt that buying a 60K phone makes no sense when a 15K phone can meet all your requirements. I had always wanted to gift something amazing to my father from my first paycheck. When I finally received my first stipend, I just transferred the whole amount to my dad’s account and called him and said, “Papa, bank passbook kal update krwa lijiega!” :)

Quite a few funny and moving stories, isn’t it? If you have your own story/dream to share on how did/will you spend your first stipend, you can share it with us here and win cool and exciting prizes (including limited edition Internshala t-shirts)!

If you are still looking for some inspiration, you can check out how the other interns in the team spent their first stipend way back in 2012 here.

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