8 Websites Every Aspiring Filmmaker Should Bookmark

8-Websites-Aspiring-Filmmaker-Should-BookmarkFilmmaking blogs are arguably one of the best mediums for learning the craft and intricacies of filmmaking. These blogs aka virtual on-set experiences have proved to be a huge boon for all the aspiring filmmakers. A resurgence of public interest in the indie films, in our country, has also turned filmmaking into an attractive career choice, and these independent filmmakers can learn a lot from the resources provided on these websites. So, here are the 8 blogs, in no particular order, which every aspiring filmmaker should start following:

1. Nofilmschool:
This website, founded by Ryan Koo, has become the best news-oriented filmmaking site. With multiple articles added every day, it aims at forging sustainable, creative careers for filmmakers. It’s a platform where filmmakers learn from each other- no film school required! It provides resources on a wide range of topics from Directing to Editing & post-production, and much more.

2. Film Riot:
Ryan Connolly’s critically acclaimed show takes a fresh and humorous take on the intricacies of filmmaking. His video tutorials take a different route than the typically monotonous tutorials on the net; the funny narratives make the tutorials a delight to watch! He covers various topics like how to make a music video, how to use CGI, to how to use autofocus and exposure effectively.

3. Vincent Laforet:
This personal blog of celebrated director and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, Vincent Laforet, is one of the first filmmaking blogs which aimed at providing useful tips and technical know-hows to aspiring filmmakers. He covers a wide spectrum of topics from technical intricacies to business advice, and all of it comes from real life experiences.

4. Jamuura:
Founded in 2013, Jamuura is an effort to build a resource base for the benefits of aspiring Indian filmmakers. It covers a wide array of themes like providing tips and DIY resources, organizing workshops and interviews with leading Indian filmmakers, and giving the latest information on film festivals and events- it does it all. It also provides grants and equipment rental services.

5. Philip Bloom:
A part of the new breed of digital cinematographers, Philip Bloom has been using DSLRs and other high-end digital cameras to successfully create short films, adverts, and documentaries. On his website, he provides valuable insights into cinematography and video making industry along with in-depth cam and equipment reviews, workshops, and webinars.

6. Filmmaker IQ:
It serves as a platform for both budding and experienced filmmakers to share and discuss various issues relevant to the industry. This blog focuses not only on ‘hows’ of the filmmaking but also on the ‘whys’. In addition to providing technical tutorials on filmmaking, it also covers historical filmmaking information, enabling readers to take a peek into the development of filmmaking as a craft.

7. Hurlbut Visuals:
Founded by acclaimed cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, the ‘Hurl blog’ is an incredibly helpful camera-based blog. For the budding filmmakers, it has become the go-to resource with the latest technology and proven techniques flowing freely for all who seek it. The articles range from basic cams to high-end professional gear, production tips, and everything in between.

8. Indiewire:
Unlike the other technically-oriented sites, Indiewire focuses on the bigger picture: it provides filmmakers with the current industry-centric news items, advises etc. Almost all the corners of the indie-film scene have been covered here – articles on production, distribution, exhibition, and festival strategy help indie filmmakers, whereas the indie fans receive info on films and festivals along with the reviews and blogs.

Hope this article is useful and these websites help you in understanding the intricacies of filmmaking. :)

If you think we have missed any good website, we would love to hear; please comment below.

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