Celebrated the birthdays of kids in Cancer hospital!

My First Stipend Winners - NagashreeName: Nagashree. V

College: Institute of Management, Christ University

Interned at: Knappily, Bangalore

How did I spend my first stipend?

It was Jan 10th, 2015 when I received my first stipend. Coming from a family that is superstitious about every little thing, I was asked to send it to a temple. I do respect all these suggestions but somewhere I felt I could use it to make those lives happy which are dearest to my heart. I regularly visit the Kidwai Cancer Institute, Bangalore. The innocent faces of the tiny-tots there will melt your heart at the first sight. There is so much to learn from them. Some of these kids can never be seen again the next time you visit them. This was it. I wanted to celebrate the birthdays of those kids falling in Feb. It was done the way I had wanted to wherein close to 100 children had come. I had arranged a magic show and a stand-up comedy followed by distribution of gifts to the birthday kids. Since the kids couldn’t have cakes, I got fruits distributed. It was a day where not only were the kids happy but the parents were so glad to see their little ones in joy.I along with my family felt so contentful and heart-warming at the end of the day. After all, what could be a better way to spend your first stipend than this!

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