The experience I gained was my real stipend!

My First Stipend Winners - ArpanName: Arpan Kumar Patra

College: Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

Interned at: Spirit Continues

How did I spend my first stipend?

My first internship experience was during winter break in the second year of my under graduation at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. I was interning with an alumni-founded organization ‘Spirit Continues’ that aimed at creating an environment to allow a child the freedom to choose the career path that best suits his/her interest. I was working on the creative and content design team and was also responsible for delivering informative and counseling sessions to schools, students, and parents. We travelled and pitched our approach to different schools, performed strength and weakness analysis of students using proprietary software, and conducted sessions on effective teaching and learning methodologies for teachers and students respectively. The internship lasted for over a month with great results from the schools at Ranchi. The internship provided an opportunity to interact with the other creative team members, learn, and grow richer and experienced as an individual. It taught me the value of making independent choices and following one’s interests. Sure there will be failures but they will be experiential, paving the way for success with passion, dedication, and self-belief. The internship paid a little over a thousand bucks which I happily cherished for a while but the true earning was the happiness of having made a difference to other people’s lives while having fun all along the way. And to add to that we did feature in the newspapers for our work which I cherish till date.


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