Helped a kid in setting up his own shop!

RahulName: Rahul Goswami

College: Institute of Management, Nirma University

Interned at: GMR, Mariott

How did I spend my first stipend?

It was 2012 when I interned with Marriott and the first stipend that I got has a very interesting story associated with it. I got my first stipend of Rs. 1000 on the 31st of the month from the treasury department(Cash). While checking out of the hotel after my shift which got over at 12 noon (had a night shift), I was stopped by the Loss Prevention Department (Security Personnel) as they found cash in my wallet which was more than what we were allowed to carry. I tried to explain to him that it was my stipend but somehow was not able to convince him. He called my Training Manager and inquired about the same and when he was finally satisfied he let me go.

I already had lost the happiness of my first stipend due to all this. Later, while returning to my place I sat down near Miramar Beach in Panjim. I saw a young kid probably aged between 8-10 years selling coconut water. He came and asked if I wanted to have one to which I denied and he returned without forcing me. I sat there for almost an hour watching him work and just out of curiosity I asked if his father helped him in this business, to which he agreed but said that his father passed away the year before and since then he is managing the business. It made me sad but I can’t forget the reply that 8-year-old boy gave me. He said, “Sahab taras toh sab khate hain, madad koi nahi karta” (sympathy is offered by all but never any help”. I really wanted to help that poor kid but neither was I capable monetarily nor psychologically. I asked him, “Kya Karna Chahte ho Zindagi me?” (What do you want to do in life?”) His reply was straight and simple – “Logon ko is garmi me juice pila kar do paise kamana chahta hun par juice wali machine k liye paise nai hai mere paas.” (want to serve the people at the beach with juice and coconut water but I don’t have money to buy a juicer.)

I don’t know what came in my mind and I don’t know whether people would believe me or not but I gave him Rs. 740 (money left with me after spending for the lunch that day ) and said, “bhai itne hain mere paas baaki kuch dino me aur paise laga k Juice wali machine le lena.” (Bro I have this much now, after earning a little more you would be able to afford a juicer.”) The boy stood there with folded hands and refused to take it from me; he was shocked, happy, and confused. He needed money but not this way of course. I forcefully asked him to keep it, gave him my phone number, and said “Jab paise kama lo toh lauta dena, ya mujhe call karna.” (when you would have earned enough then you return me or give me a call and I would come and get it from you.)

Believe me or not he contacted me in January; I had this call from him and at first, I could not recognize him but he narrated the incident and I remembered. He now owns a small shop in the Panjim market where he sells all kinds of fruit juices. He said that he would never forget my help and wished me all the happiness in life.

I am sure this sounds like a Bollywood movie script but believe me or not this is something very close to my heart and I am proud that I used my first internship stipend to help a kid stand in life.

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    Nicely comprehend. The context of the cavalcade is apt and so appealing.


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