I will finally begin my fitness regime!

fitness regime gauravName: Gaurav Maheshwari

College: KJ SIMSR

Interned at: D.E. Shaw, India

How will I spend my first stipend?

Well, writing this becomes important for me because my past two internships gave me NIL stipend and hence the desire to spend the so-called ‘hard earned money’ still awaits! So, if a decent stipend is credited to my account this summer, the first thing I expect is a call from my mother to do the mandated charity by going to a temple followed by a flurry of phone calls from my relatives as they would have been duly informed about this BIG event by that time.
The prime expense from my pocket is then going to be a squash racquet and a pair of sports shoes. This would then free me of all the excuses I make to cut my excess mass. Next, it is going to be a few boxes of sweets for the security guards and the housekeeping team of my hostel and for the sweet chefs of the hostel mess. They all have indeed become friends along this journey. Depending upon the funds left, I would buy something for my grandmother, mother, and father. I have kept them last on my list because for them it is always, “Beta tu kuch bhi le aa hamare liye, hamein har cheez mein utni hi khushi milegi.” For our parents, any gift is priceless :)

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2 thoughts on “I will finally begin my fitness regime!

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