It was a stepping stone to buy my dream gadget!

stepping stone shouryaName: Shourya Goel

College: Gautam Buddha University

Interned at: Microsoft Corp.

How did I spend my first stipend?

I got my first stipend when I was in the 2nd year. 2nd year truly went fabulously. Firstly, I landed an internship at, one of the biggest e-commerce websites. I was chosen among top 7 candidates from all over the country.
I was the youngest-ever intern selected at and it was really rocking since I learned a lot from the senior colleagues. I got 10,000 rupees as my first stipend. I was very happy; this was a small amount but it was my first amount I earned with hard work. I decided to invest the money instead of spending all the bucks on some gadgets like what most of the guys do in college. I decided to spend just 3000 bucks on gifts for my family. The rest of the money I deposited in my father’s business with an annual rate of 15%.
Being a baniya, I know how to deal with money and try to make a profit and that definitely helped me gain some profit. I was happy since I made a profit and now I had some money in hand which I could invest in some cool gadgets. I took 50% of the money to invest in gadgets and the rest of the amount was again invested in the business. I again earned a profit and again applied in the gadgets.
Thus, by recursion investments, I was able to take my dream gadget and still have money left with me.

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