Made a difference in someone’s life!

My First Stipend Winners - SreshtaName: Sreshta Sunil Kumar

College: IIM Raipur

Wish to intern at : House of Anita Dongre Ltd.

How did I spend my first stipend?

During my third year of graduation, I decided to give myself a makeover. I started giving tuition at a nearby tuition center to be able to afford the new look. From the day I started the job to the day I had my first stipend in my hand, the makeover specialist in me dreamt, designed, and visualized the new look. My browser history was full off online shopping websites and the latest trends that were doing the rounds.
Then arrived the D-day! I was a step closer to my dream. A dream that I had been nourishing for a month and a half, received the seed funding. On my way back home, I stopped by a sweet shop to buy gulab jamuns for my family. The service in the sweet shop was too slow, which forced me to look around here and there. I saw a girl, leaning against one of the walls of the shop and writing something with a pen in a notebook. What I found weird was that the page was already written on with a pencil. No, she wasn’t practicing handwriting, I was sure of it. Too intrigued by the sight, I asked her about it.“My parents can’t afford so many books. I write with pencil till all the pages of the notebook are finished. Then, I start writing with a pen. This way I get to use one notebook twice.”

There was a girl who was just not ready to blame her fate for whatever she did not have. There was a fighter, who had a dream, probably for a longer time than I did. Her dream had the capability of making lives of four other members of her family better. My dream seemed very selfish in front of hers.
This inspired me to buy her a few notebooks, textbooks, and stationaries from my first stipend. My wardrobe was a few pairs short of the clothes I wanted, but the way I felt after buying her the stuff was eternal. That day, I felt rich.

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2 thoughts on “Made a difference in someone’s life!

  • April 7, 2016 at 7:29 PM

    Awesome girl… Proud of you :)

  • April 8, 2016 at 7:23 PM

    Well done:-)


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