How I Overcame the Fear of Doing an Online Training

About the author: Varalakshmi P.V is a third-year student pursuing B.E. in Computer Science from Easwari Engineering College, Chennai. She signed up for the Android training on Internshala Trainings. She recounts how the experience helped her in overcoming the fear of doing an online training.

How I Overcame the Fear of doing an Online TrainingI had never spent money or time on any one-day workshops or crash courses being offered online before coming in contact with Internshala! I always had a notion that we can’t gain anything from such a training which is being offered within a limited time duration. However, my notion about these things was changed completely by Internshala.

I was a Biology student during my schooling. I got good score during my 12th Board examination still it was not enough to fetch me a medical seat, and I ended up in an Engineering College. Everything seemed new, but I wanted to excel even in this field. I managed to get good grades in exams, but I didn’t gain any coding knowledge. So, I started feeling bad when I saw my friends enrolling for various committees, internships, courses, and workshops. I also wanted to do something but I was fully convinced that I won’t spend even one rupee if it was not going to gain me some knowledge or experience. Thus, I thought of doing some internships.

My search to get an internship was really getting worse as all the internships that I came across were not offering me anything in return. They were like “3 days and 1000 rupees with a certificate package” which I didn’t find good enough to try. Finally, all my semester holidays were wasted and my only option was to search something online. One fine evening, when I was completely bored I searched for internships on Google. It landed me on Internshala.

I am a great admirer of languages (not programming!), and so the name grasped my attention. I created a profile as it was completely free and uploaded my resume. I also applied for few companies without many expectations, but to my great surprise, I got calls from few of them. I cleared the interview of one such company called, Multibhashi! That feeling was awesome; I did a one-month internship and earned a good stipend. This made me explore more about Internshala, and I started attending one-day workshops that were really useful such as workshops on Android, Web development, etc.

This further lured me to try more and I ended up browsing the training programs on Internshala Trainings. I had Android Application development laboratory as part of my curriculum and I wanted to learn more. The description about the training was very interesting. It convinced me that it was worth spending time and money.

Finally, I paid for the Android – 4-week training! It was really exciting as I was fascinated by the feeling that I would be able to make my own Android application at the end of this training. It had four modules which were perfectly sequenced and the descriptions were in easily understandable English. As it was an online training, I comfortably progressed through it after my college hours. I was unable to connect to the live chat due to the bad network connectivity at my home and I was upset. I posted my queries in the forum with least hope to get answered soon, but to my surprise, all my queries were answered within few hours and they cleared all my confusions.

I started to gain much confidence as I progressed through the training, doing the assignments which had very clear and precise problem statements in the PDF files. It was really helpful. When I tried to run the application on a real device, I faced many errors, and I was perfectly guided by the Internshala forum, and I was able to run my App on mobile and flaunt it to all my friends proudly. It gave me immense satisfaction.

I gained enough confidence and completely overcame the fear of online training and that of excelling as a software engineer. I had to make a mini project for my Android Lab at college. Now, I had an idea and I was able to develop an App all by myself. I developed a ‘Reminder App’ which was appreciated by all my staff members. I was on cloud nine; I felt really satisfied as it was completely worth the effort. I earned money from the internships obtained through Internshala and paid only half of that amount back to Internshala and got both the experience of working and the joy of learning. It helped me fulfil my dream of being capable of affording for my expenses.
This training has proved to be a turning point in my life. It has completely changed my perspective towards online coaching and internships.

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