How I Finally Understood the Complexities of Web Development

About the author: Rajdeep Mukherjee is pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from NIIT University. He signed up for the Web Development training on Internshala Trainings. He recounts his experience with Internshala Trainings and how it helped him in understanding the complexities of Web development.

How I Finally Understood the Complexities of Web DevelopmentAbout a year and a half ago, I used to feel very insecure about my future (not that I feel too secure now). Growing up in the outskirts of Calcutta, I wasn’t very acquainted with the way the world functioned especially in my field (Computer Science) and the things I was interested in. If I say I was a ‘noob’ that would be lying. I was anything but that. After I joined college, I got an enormous amount of exposure to online and offline trainings. Our college conducted workshops and I used to attend them too; however, a 2-day workshop would hardly yield much and after those 2 days of excitement and foreseeing, all that ‘interest’ would be lost and I would be back to my old self. I always had a fascination for the internet and wanted to know how it all functioned inside out. However, like I said I was way behind on that line to understand it at any level whatsoever.

Then one day, as I was strolling past our college mess, trying to make up my mind whether I should go for ‘mess ka khana’ or just good old fashioned Maggie, I read a poster about Internshala that they were offering online winter trainings on a couple of courses. A few days ago one of my friends (and I owe him a lot) told me that ‘W3Schools’ and other such websites were only references, not really courses. That day I understood the difference between the two. So, I registered for the Web Development training on Internshala Trainings.

This Web Development course was really my first stepping stone in my voyage of understanding the web. That course really taught me a lot and for the first time, everything started making sense. The project that I got to do with Internshala also helped me in a gigantic way as it taught me how a dynamic web app was made.

I also registered for a couple of other courses on Internshala and most of them were really great. I got the confidence to raise my voice in a heated discussion over database handling issues in the mess or at the ‘maggi-adda’. Suddenly, you start feeling like the only thing that Mark would have probably needed in building Facebook was time and patience; the rest is all known to you already, like how the database was made (at least, initially).

Internshala’s Web Development course really helped me to begin my work on this field and discover its huge potential and expanse. After completing my course, I finally started having a clearer perspective of the computer science world!

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