Internshala – A revolution in making

Internshala - A revolution in makingAbout the Author: Ushasi Dev recently completed 4 months at Internshala as the ‘Content Quality Analyst’ and recounts her journey with the Internshala team.

My final exams were over, and I had already quit the job that I had experimented with out of boredom. One fine morning, I came across a fancy term that flashed on my Facebook newsfeed -“Internshala”. Intrigued by the name, I signed up and started to browse for internships. While I was randomly browsing through the website, a sudden “We’re Hiring” caught my eye. I quickly went through and gathered that they were looking for a content quality analyst. I applied and then forgot about it.

Another similar morning, I woke up to a mail from the HR of Internshala. To my pleasant surprise, I was shortlisted and had to submit an article which spoke about the booming startup culture in India. And today almost after 4 months post the incident I am writing, again, and this time about my experience in the office. Yes, I had made it through after three rigorous rounds of telephonic interviews, one of which was with the CEO himself. I had been hired and it is by far the best incident of my life.

Internshala, a concept, a medium to test drive your career, kick started mine. The people who make Internshala possible are a bunch of crazy geniuses. They could make anything happen from coming up with an extempore idea and transforming it into a humungous Internship fair to throwing memorable parties for colleagues. I am introduced to a true “work hard party harder” culture. It’s a place where you find friends disguised as colleagues, and where you could truly exploit your strengths and weaknesses. Internshala has taught me the difference between a job and a career.

Without cubicles or formal dress codes, we DO EPIC SHIT. We are a revolution in making.

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