How I overcame my PHP phobia

How I overcame my PHP phobiaAbout the Author: Deepsi Bansal is pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science from HMR Institute of Technology and Management. She recounts her experience with Internshala’s Web Development training and how it helped her in overcoming her fear of PHP language.

How I came across Internshala:
I came to know about Internshala through one of my friends when she was showing me her hard earned money. She had received the stipend from her internship which she had found via Internshala. I got excited and came home, opened my laptop, looked up for Internshala, and found it really interesting. I registered myself and applied for a couple of internships with little hesitation, as I was afraid that I won’t be selected. I did get shortlisted for one but couldn’t convert it. I was glad that I was at least shortlisted. I had started losing interest, as usual, but then came the new twist. We had a workshop on Web development in our college. I attended it and learned many new things. However, my knowledge was limited to HTML and CSS only. When it came to PHP and MySQL, I had no understanding whatsoever. It was simply not my cup of tea.

How Internshala Trainings helped me:
This was the time when Internshala came to my rescue. One fine day, I was randomly browsing the site and found that summer training programs were being provided by Internshala Trainings. I checked out all the programs available and stopped at the web development course. The fear of PHP had surfaced again! However, I read the details of the training and decided to give it at least one try. I registered for the training and paid the fees. The training was really comfortable as the schedule was really flexible and Internshala Training’s support was very helpful. I could study at any time according to my comfort, and the regular e-mails from the team kept my zeal alive. I went through HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, and then came PHP. The fear resurfaced, but luckily it was for the last time.

When the PHP module began, everything was going so smoothly that I was not able to believe it. I could understand everything from what that bracket and the $ signs were to how to create sessions and establish database connections. I was clearing all the tests with flying colors. I even scored full marks in some tests and one of them was of PHP! Unbelievable, right? I completed the training with a score of 92%. I was feeling like a topper – a conqueror!

How my life changed after the training:
You might be thinking that after the training, I have been making great websites and earning a lot through them. Sorry to disappoint you, but I am still not making websites. If you are wondering how I have applied the knowledge which I gained, here’s the answer – I won the technology fest of my college. No, not by showcasing a website. I used this technology in Cybersecurity (Ethical hacking). Our team (comprised of a couple of my seniors and friends) designed a secret door that we could upload to any site and take permanent access, but the administrator would never be able to track us. We did this to check how many sites are vulnerable currently and to show how hackers enter a website. In addition, we displayed the ways through which we could make our websites more secure against such attacks. And, the most amazing thing was that the entire code of this project was written in PHP!

Thanks to the Internshala team as only because of them, I was able to do such a great project and achieve success.

Love you, Internshala! I will never forget the great role you have played in my life.

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