Internshala – A place of aspirations and dreams

Internshala - A place of aspirations and dreamsAbout the Author: Shubhangi Khanna, a B.Tech graduate, recently completed 3 months at Internshala as the ‘Business Apprentice Intern’ and recounts her journey with the team and how Internshala turned out to be the place she always needed.

I have always wondered how people make their choices, make an aim, and pursue their career for years till they get “what” they want. This “want” has always bewildered me for I never knew what is that I “want”.
The usual (still most memorable) life pursuing engineering was enough motivation for me to do something new. I, an ECE engineer, (not from a premier institute) decided to dive into the exploration of finding myself, yet not knowing how.

It started with going through the dashboard of Internshala for weeks. I came across Internshala’s “Business Apprentice Program” which gave me an impetus to aspire for the same. After a couple of telephonic interviews, I got the chance to appear for the final interview with the CEO himself. Those 90 minutes of the interview were highly significant as that meeting provided me with the much-needed direction. Finally, I got my chance and I was hired.

The first day at the office was full of these energetic people working and that too with sheer enthrallment. The ice-breaking session was unique enough to show the team bonding and togetherness which Internshala is known for. The minimal furniture, bean bags, blue wall of memories, working while listening to music, random samosa treats, and the very delicious birthday parties add up to make working at Internshala simply amazing.

Internshala team has totally influenced me. I have spent exactly 3 months here, and now I know what I expect from this internship. I want to explore myself and have that incessant learning journey. The work culture and the values Internshala has imbibed in me will help me take bigger decisions in life, grow as an individual, and define my own success.

As I read in “Psalm of life”-
Not enjoyment, and not sorrow,
Is our destined end or way;
But to act, that each to-morrow
Find us farther than to-day.

I hope this journey teaches me to seek the right path, learn consistently, and as we say at Internshala – I make it happen. I hope I contribute to the educational transformation and bring a positive impact somewhere in my society. My journey with Internshala is going to be a journey of reformation, enthrallment, and will result in an everlasting relationship with everyone here. I have realized that Internshala is the place I always needed.

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  • January 16, 2020 at 5:11 PM

    Internshala is the best choice to reach your carrier dreams. They support you all the time even your in the down position of the carrier.


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