How I did an online training and proved everyone wrong!

How I did an online training and proved everyone wrongAbout the Author: Sheena Evangeline is pursuing B.Com from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. She recounts her experience with Internshala’s Advance Excel training and how it helped her dispel the myths about doing an online training.

At first, I didn’t know about Internshala’s Virtual Training Center. I was searching for internships when I stumbled upon a message about online summer training.

I always loved to learn new things, but I was really clueless before starting this training program. I consulted a lot of people before registering. I actually received a lot of comments like, “Online training is just a waste of time” or “If you have any doubts or problems, you won’t be able to clarify them” etc. However, after hearing all these comments, my curiosity to do an online training increased even more!

I researched about various online training programs and, finally, I found the program that was interesting and helpful for my career. I decided to go for Advance Excel program. After finalizing the training program, the only question that remained was who would fund it. I had to literally convince my parents to pay even though it was just a meager amount.

Finally, I started the program and just loved the way it was taught. The training program was well structured with the content divided into separate modules. Tests were provided at the end of every module which was really beneficial in checking my learning. I actually gained a lot of knowledge through Internshala Trainings and developed an insight into the intricacies of Excel functions and data visualization.

I think online training is especially helpful for students as one can complete the training according to one’s own schedule. One doesn’t need to compromise on anything. As far as ‘not having anyone to clarify my doubts’ part is concerned, the support from the Internshala team was top notch and I never had any problem. So, if you plan to do an online training program, do your research and go for it. Don’t just listen to what people have to say!

Overall, it was fun and one of the best ways I could have learned Excel. I really enjoyed the small assignments which were given to improve our learning skills. Thank you Internshala for providing me the best learning experience which I never got in a regular classroom.

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