Internship at Realbox – Jaideep from GTBIT

Internship at Realbox - Jaideep

About the Author: Jaideep Singh Uppal, a B.Tech student from Guru Teg Bahadur Institute of Technology, gives us a gripping account of his internship as a web developer at Realbox Data Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

My story began with an internet search to find the perfect internship, right after my third year. Leaving no stones unturned, I explored websites like Internshala and even updated my LinkedIn profile. One day, a friend suggested that I should post my requirement on a popular start-up group on Facebook. I took his advice and wrote out a post, including a link to my LinkedIn profile, specifying that I was on the lookout for a web development internship. Soon enough, I was asked for my CV. One of my prospective employers called me and took a telephonic interview. However, later I was informed that they had no position to offer. I was left disheartened.

A few days after this, I received a message from Realbox and was asked to come to their Noida office for an interview. I was asked basic questions regarding web development technologies like Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. I was upfront about my weaknesses in certain areas, at the same time expressing eagerness to improve under their guidance. I was offered the internship.

On my first day, I was introduced to a text editor that was to be used to make files and write codes. I must say Atom Editor by Git is one of the best that I’ve come across. I was then asked to make the user interface and given certain designs as images. I had to make a CSS for them, which was a hard task for me as that had always been a weak area. But, the guidance I was offered was incomparable. I was taught the basics and soon learned that spoon-feeding is limited to just our school life. Out in the professional world, I was asked to research on the internet if I faced problems and then come up to the experts to get them resolved. The CEO, in fact, was a coding genius with almost 20 years of experience. Giving all the interns a gist of his career, he told us what all he had learned and how to deliver without errors. Sooner or later, we pick up little tricks and methods about how things are done and how to avoid errors. The CEO helped us by giving regular tips. Coming back to the task at hand, we successfully converted the design images into responsive CSS designs that would run on devices of any screen size. After this, we were asked to implement jQuery and make the product more appealing, which we did successfully. Before we knew it, the pages were moving smoothly using jQuery. We were then asked to save all the data, which was being entered into the pages ,to the database. When our web application, with a perfect design and functionality of saving and retrieving data from the database, was done, we were asked to get the working and the raw code inspected to weed out mistakes. Soon after, we were handed over the next project.

During my internship – I was a part of three projects. After working the entire week, we would have a party at the office every Saturday. Later, we would dance and get rid off all the stress that had built up during the week. Come Monday, and we would be ready with a fresh mind. It is safe to say that my experience at Realbox taught me a lot, both technically and personally. I learned how to work in the real world and deal with the pressure that comes with delivering the perfect product on time.

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