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an-hr-interns-jouney-palaks-experience-at-lg-electronicsAbout the Author: Palak Taneja, from WeSchool, Bangalore, narrates her journey of bagging an HR internship at LG Electronics.

One year of staying in Bangalore and eating south Indian food had made me realize the importance of my mom’s homemade food. Given a chance, I wanted to get an internship in Delhi/NCR. Unfortunately, the companies that came to my college for recruitments were placing the students in Bangalore itself. Apart from the location of the internship, the brand name and the job profile were equally important to me. So,  decided to use Internshala to find an internship that would meet all my requirements. Apart from this, I also applied to companies through my friends’ and relatives’ contacts. One day, my uncle informed me about an internship opportunity at LG Electronic’s Recruitment and Selection department in the Greater Noida office. This got me really excited. I immediately dropped a mail to the HR, expressing my interest. A few days later, they called me to take a short telephonic interview and to schedule a Skype interview with the HR head. Soon enough, it was time for the final interview. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I was asked questions regarding my background, strengths and weaknesses, why I chose HR, and why I wanted to join LG. Next, they moved on to ask me questions regarding some basic HR concepts. The interview went pretty well, and I was confident about converting it. Finally, I got a call confirming my internship and the struggle was finally over.

On my first day, I was introduced to my mentor and was given a desk to work on. My mentor briefed me about the organization, the culture, the team that I would be working with, and what was expected out of me. From the next day, my projects were assigned to me. The two projects that I was supposed to work on were “Attrition Analysis at LG Electronics” and “How to make the recruitment and selection process more efficient and effective.” For the first project, I was supposed to analyze the data of the exit surveys filled by the employees. Further, I conducted an employee satisfaction survey, after which I gave recommendations and suggestions to reduce the attrition levels at the company. For the second project, I was required to study the entire recruitment and selection process, critically review it, and give suggestions to improve the same. I consulted my mentor wherever I got stuck. My entire team was extremely cooperative; they always took time out to help me. In return, I gave my hundred percent to the assigned projects.

Through the internship, I got the chance to interact with a lot of people. I learned a lot about how things are done in big companies. I got an opportunity to take interviews of some candidates along with my mentor, apart from organizing a complete campus recruitment event. I also used to help my team with the day to day activities. I shadowed my mentor and learned a lot from how she used to deal with different kinds of problems. This gave me a clear picture of all the challenges that an HR executive might have to face. My internship gave me a different perspective of how things work and how the knowledge that we gain from books can be applied practically. Finally, on the last day, I presented my ideas related to the project in front the HR head and my team. All of them were really impressed by my work and appreciated my efforts.

The endless hours of travel, hard work, and sleepless nights were totally worth the effort! The exposure, the experience, and the richness of knowledge that I gained will be cherished for life. After my internship, I am sure about taking up HR as my specialization. This is something that I really want to pursue as a career.

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    I had to submit my internship report for my college. your blog helped me fill my “my experience” content.
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