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internship-at-mattel-inc-pranali-from-weschoolAbout the Author: Pranali Pisat, a student from Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (WeSchool), packed her bags for a two-month internship at Mattel Inc., China. Read on to find enlightening details about her internship as an Operations Consultant. 

My internship process for Mattel Inc. started in the month of November 2015 through the career management cell of our college. 8 interns were selected from an initial bunch of 408 applicants. This selection process continued for over two months and was based on various rounds of elimination, such as: evaluating the understanding of concepts on operations management, a case study on problem-solving, skit performances, panel interviews and finally, a personal interview. There was intense competition and pressure on all the candidates since it was one of the best internships in WeSchool.

The next  step was to  get the Chinese Visa for 3 months. Due to some political issues between the two countries, I was offered the visa for only a month. However, after endless efforts to convince the company, I managed to get the extension for another month, after I arrived in China.

My internship project focussed on the analysis of the current situation of Mold Qualification (MQ) documentation procedure and the recommendation of a consolidated single monthly report for the management to analyze the current situation of MQ. Application of lean management tools to identify and eliminate the wasteful activities was suggested in the documentation process. Graphical representation was also given due importance to give a clear picture of the system and observe the trends more closely.

Results of the primary findings showed that there were six daily reports and three weekly reports generated to track some important measurements in MQ.  While the tool parts needed a tag to show their belonging to a particular tool,  there was a need for developing a system to track all the parts of the tool. The report concluded that the use of the consolidated single monthly report gave a better graphical story of the current situation which could be easily compared for an impactful analysis. With this, the project was successfully implemented at Mattel Engineering China (MEC).

With a new country and a new culture, came new challenges. The language being the most challenging part, was followed by that of food. I managed to eat with chopsticks, besides going out for hangouts, parties, etc with my Chinese friends. China taught me to be helpful, welcoming, and modest. Visiting my friends’ homes, the sightseeing tours, and trips are experiences that I’ll never forget.

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