Internship at Hyundai – Soumya from XIMB

Internship at Hyundai - Soumya from XIMB

About the Author: Soumya, a diligent student from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar (XIMB), narrates her internship experience at Hyundai Motor India Limited.

As I was a dentist by profession, it was a paradigm shift to enter the world of MBA. A summer internship meant a lot to me because I was practically a novice in the corporate world. I wanted to carefully choose a company which would give me the best practical exposure. I applied to Hyundai Motor India Limited after hearing an ample lot about it from my brother. The Acceptance Letter’ came after an interview with the HR Head.

Filled with a sense of pride and anxiety, I stepped into the factory. One wouldn’t believe how well maintained and exceedingly clean the place was. After a brief induction program, I had a meeting with the Head of Department – Learning & Development. He offered me a range of projects to choose from various HR departments. I have a passion for teaching and nourish a desire to be a trainer. So, I chose to work for L&D (Learning & Development) and was involved in designing the various schedules and manuals. I was honored when I was asked to design ‘Genesis – the induction and training manual for new recruits. I attended a few training sessions that were scheduled and designed by me. After the sessions, I took feedback and improved upon it for the next session. My mentor, Mr. Joshy Thomas, guided me through the process of selecting an external facilitator and allowed me to attend the negotiations. That was a moment of pride for me.

Work required me to get up at 5:00 am and catch the office bus by 6:30. But when you do something you love, it never really seems like work. I sailed through my internship with passion and even my mentor appreciated me; I did prove to myself that my decision to pursue MBA was a good one indeed. On my last day, I received the book Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy as a gift along with an offer to be recruited if any vacancy opens up. My internship was an extremely enriching experience which paved my future course. I advise everyone to make the best of their internship as they won’t get a better learning opportunity than this.

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